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So, you just finished writing your resignation letter. You’re all set to submit it to your boss on the following morning. You’ve been waiting for this day all along to finally get out of the current job that you’re in. You’re sick of getting up in the morning just to do the job that you dread. You can’t find the inspiration to continue on. In fact, you can’t even think of the things that you’re grateful for at your current job because you’re so clouded with negative thoughts.

If you’re ever finding the list on the things that you should be grateful for. Just read this article, and you’ll certainly know.


1. You have an income. 


In today’s world, it’s very hard to find a stable source of income. So, if you have a job right now, be thankful for that. It doesn’t matter how meager of an income you take home every month. As long as it benefits you on the small things, it matters! Your job is the very reason why you can afford to feed yourself everyday; it’s the reason why you can pay rent every month; it’s the reason why you can support your family.

Let me tell you a story of my friend named Felicia (and I won’t even mention if she’s fiction or not), she has a job, but she feels neutral about it. She doesn’t feel thankful about it nor does she hate it; she feels apathetic about her job. Until one day, as she was scrolling through Facebook, she saw a post that caught her attention; a girl posted on a group saying that she hasn’t landed a job yet, she’d been applying for many days in a row, and attended loads of interviews, but she still doesn’t gets accepted. She mourns and posts her cries on Facebook, and Felicia saw that post.

That’s where Felicia realized how lucky she was because she has a job. That moment made her realize that she’s blessed to have a job because not everyone has that.

And that’s the end Felicia’s story folks.

I highly encourage you to be not like Felicia, you don’t need to see other people’s unfortunate status before you finally have the attitude of gratitude within you for the job that you have. If you ever forget the things that you’re grateful for, just go back to this article, and you’ll be reminded once again, and get right back on track. Go on now!


2. You get extra skills.


There’s something about work that makes you increase and strengthen your skills. Skills can be taught yes, but there are some skills that can only be solidified when you’re actually doing the actual work. Well, I’m not talking about the skills that you already have, though. I’m talking about the added skills that you didn’t have when you started working at your current company right now.

Think of this scenario. You’re an employee and your job is to produce consistent blogs every week for the company you work for. Of course, you can’t just write all the good stuff without a beautiful graphic. There must be a riveting photo to actually capture your potential reader’s attention. But you’re not assigned to do the graphics work, the company assigned a different person to do that work. It’s all well and good until all of a sudden the one who’s assigned to do graphics work resigned out of nowhere. The company didn’t see it coming including you. The company needs to find a replacement for that person, but the process of finding a replacement for the graphic designer is not that simple, it doesn’t take only a day, though. It can take a week or maybe even a month just to find a replacement. So, what happened to you now? Of course, you can’t just leave the company blogs hanging there and not post anything just because one person left.

Okay, enough story. So, what’s the connection you ask? Well, it’s this: you’re forced to produce a photo just to make sure that the act of posting blogs every week would consistently be done. You learn in the process. You learn while you’re on the actual job setting. You slowly learn how to edit photos for the blogs because the situation calls you in it.

This is what I’m trying to convey as to why you should be grateful for your job especially when you’re faced with this kind of situation. Don’t think of it as a burden because you have extra workload. Think of it as learning opportunity, and that’s actually your advantage anyway.


3. You get to do what you love.


Do you? Try to assess your current job right now. I want you to assess truthfully. Are you lucky enough to head to the office to do work that you genuinely love? Do you not clock watch? Do you often experience the kind of flow where you most certainly forget to do the other stuff because you’re so focused on what you’re doing? If the answer is yes, then consider yourself lucky my friend. Do you know that not a lot of people get to experience that? How many of the people you know hate their jobs?

You see, it’s a beautiful thing when your passion and your work collide. It’s the most amazing feeling in the world. The satisfaction that you get is incomparable.

This is my extra tip for all the silent readers out there who are reading this. If you’re finding a job, make sure that it collides with your passion. You’re going to spend a huge amount of time at work, so make sure that you pick work that includes your passion.


4. You broaden your network.


That current colleague of yours might be your future business partner in the future. The person that you met in the training that you attend to might contact you one day, and tell you that they’re in need for an accountant, and you are one; that’s an opportunity for you right there. Your former co-worker that now works as a recruiter for one of the Fortune 500 companies is in dire need for a new IT Manager at their company, and she approached you, asking if you’re interested.

What’s the formula for this?

1 Network = 1 Opportunity

The more people you know, the more the opportunity. There’s a saying that goes like this: It’s not what you know today, it’s who you know. And I’m afraid that it’s absolutely true.


5. You get to attend trainings that you don’t have access before.

If you work in a company, you get to experience the free training that your boss would encourage you to attend to. You get to know loads of new people that you don’t know before; you get to see the world of entrepreneurs, and you get to meet them personally. Additionally, you learn new stuff that you didn’t know before. Isn’t that amazing? Isn’t it enough for you to be grateful for your job?

Would you get to experience all these perks without your job? The answer is no! You earn and learn simultaneously. I mean, how cool is that?


6. You’re productive.


Work, that’s why it called work, you need to work your butt off. You finish writing that business proposal to send to the potential client, you finish writing the blog for the week, you finish editing the graphics that your boss is trying to make you do. You should be thankful that you have a thing to do; you’re not part of the lazy bunch of people contributing to the problem.

Imagine sitting the whole day at your house, and do nothing. How boring and unproductive could that be? Well, very. That’s why you should be thankful that you have loads of tasks because if there’s little to none; trust me: you’ll drive yourself madly insane.

Work is good; it’s productive.


7. You grow professionally.


You might not know the nitty-gritty aspect of your job, but you get to learn how to respond to a certain situation. You might not be good in writing e-mails in a professional manner before, but since you’re obliged to e-mail your boss everyday to submit your daily time report, you get to learn how to write e-mails professionally. You might be impulsive with your emotions, and say what’s on your mind before, but since you’re working in a professional setting, you learn to control them, and tell them to behave like an angel. See? It’s the little things, and you should be thankful for that; small might it seem, but it matters because it makes you grow.


8. You get to hone your experience. 


A day in the office is never a day wasted. Do you know what you’re actually gaining aside from the money? Well, it’s this: experience.

I’ll give you a tip: If you ever catch yourself complaining that your job isn’t paying that much. Don’t worry, accrue a lot of experience, and eventually, you can use that experience to venture out to new pastures. You can absolutely do that because now, you’re qualified. If you’re reading between the lines; you’ll actually get what I’m saying.


9. You get to learn from your colleagues and bosses. 


Learning don’t just happen inside the school premises, you can also learn from your colleagues, and especially from your boss. You might not like the person that you’re working with, but you get to observe and work closely with these people, and get their good side.

If you notice that your boss is professional in all sorts of way, you can adapt than within yourself, and learn to act professionally at all times especially if you’re a newbie in the workplace.

If you have a colleague who has a lot of work experiences, and that person shared it to you. You’re lucky! Especially if it’s a bad experience. Why? Because you can learn a lot from that. You can have the benefit of this: whenever you’re faced with the kind of situation that your colleague already encountered, you can avoid repeating the same mistake that your colleague did.

Always remember this: Every person in this world is unique, that’s why each person has a lesson to teach you, and it can be taught only by him/her.


10. You are blessed.


Your job is a blessing from Him. So, don’t waste it or else He might give it to someone else who might actually take care of it, and give importance to it. Your work is your greatest pride; you should be proud and thankful for it.


Final Thoughts


I hope this article finds you well; I hope that it sparked a little bit of enlightenment within you. Don’t ever think of your work as a burden or as a means to only get money because it’s a gift, and you should treasure that.

If there’s one final tip that I want you to take away from this article. It’s this: Whenever you’re at work, don’t think of it as if there’s a lot of work days ahead of you. Whenever you step inside the office grounds; think of it as your last day at work. It’s your last day; so, you want to make your last day memorable, not just ordinary. If you have this mindset everyday, you’ll perform awesome everyday, and that’s the goal anyway.

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