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“Hiring a Copywriter? Nah, I’ll just do the writing on my own.”

It’s easy to think this mindset, but you might want to consider changing your mind after reading the list below:

1. You’re not a writer.

Would you make a musician build a website? Would you make a programmer compose a song? The answer is simply no! That’s the same for writing. So if writing is not your thing, then delegate that task to a Copywriter. Copywriters write for a living, so it’s no surprise that they’re naturally good in writing because hey! They won’t be attracted, and actually stay on that particular niche if they’re not a natural in writing, and if they don’t like doing it in the first place.

Save your precious time, dear entrepreneur. Instead of driving yourself insanely mad to produce content every week staring at a blank page as the first step, you can let your Copywriter do the writing for you. You could spend more time on your favourite leisure like watching Netflix or watching your favourite YouTuber every morning.


2. You can write, but can’t write consistently.

Let’s face it. You can write for a day or two, but could you do that consistently? Let’s be brutally honest, could you? Combined with the never ending list of priorities that you have on your list as an entrepreneur? If the answer is no, then Copywriters could save the day for you!

Copywriters are trained to immerse themselves with whatever industry they’re writing in. They’ll study the nature of your business as if it’s their own business. Remember: they’re a natural in writing, right? So, you will never have to worry about producing consistent content ever again.

Oh, did I forget to mention that they have superb research skills? It doesn’t matter if you make them want to write a topic that’s not known in the market yet; they’ll put in the work, do long hours of research, and actually write content out of it.


3. Make your content or service enticing.

Have you ever experienced reading a service content and have nothing to say after reading it? What a dreadful experience, isn’t it? To you, it felt robotic and boring. Basically, the copy failed to connect and evoke a certain kind of connection and emotion with you as a potential buyer.

That’s bad copy. And that’s a bad marketing tactic!

Want to hear a brutal truth? Well, here it is: people don’t care about your business, and the written content on your services are not exempted to that. Heck, they won’t even bother reading that content especially if it’s obviously self promotional. So, the question is: How would you make them care?


Hire a Copywriter!

A Copywriter would come in and solve the problem. A lot of people underestimate the power of a Copywriter, but Copywriters are not just writers, they’re problem solvers too. The goal of a Copywriter is to help your business produce more leads, that’s given, but a good Copywriter would have a way with words; good Copywriters does it in a way that would pique the interest of the potential buyer, and at the same time writes in a way that holds their attention. Copywriters write with a promotional goal in mind, but they make it entertaining for the buyer.

Below are the examples of a well-written copy (for a company’s service):

Recruiting Company Service Copy Sample:   

“We offer a service called: Recruitment Search for our clients. Star employees are the key for the success of your business. So, it is our mission to help you recruit star employees for your company. We understand that you have a busy schedule, you’re an entrepreneur, and that’s given, so that’s why we exist: it’s to do the legwork (recruiting) for you. Allow us to recruit for you, shall we?” 

Business Registration Service Copy Sample:   

“Do you have time to do business registration? That’s a tedious and boring process. Entrepreneurs are busy bees, and our company understands this. We don’t want you to spend time on time consuming tasks, we want you to focus on what you do best, and that’s running your business. That’s the “why” as to why we do this service for start-up companies; to help them, to help you.”


These are just a few examples of a well-written copy. It’s promotional, but at the same time it gives value to the potential buyer. It answers the question for the potential buyers: “What’s in it for me?”

It’s enticing, and not robotic. That’s how you write great copy!

Double check the content for your services. If you feel like it’s lacking the wow factor to be able to lure a potential buyer after reading it, then maybe it’s time to hire a Copywriter.

Don’t be afraid of Copywriters, they’re there to help your business generate more revenue, and not take loads of money out of your pocket without a valuable return.


4. Goodbye grammar.

Grammar’s not your thing? Kiss grammar goodbye by hiring a Copywriter! Copywriters are skilled fault hunters (Not with people, though. You might misinterpret what I’m pertaining here) when it comes to copy; they’re very skilled with vocabularies; the true wordsmith of this digital generation; they know how to put the right sentences at the right paragraph; knows how to craft sentences that lures your prospective clients. They’re spelling wizards, grammar nazis, punctuation perfectionists, and more.


5. You need brief but powerful words!

Copywriters don’t just write content, and call it a day. They write with a goal in mind.

Here are a few brief words written by a Copywriter, but it’s simply powerful:

“Let’s talk business today!”

Goal: Persuasion.

“We dare you to name the problem, and see how we solve it for you.”

Goal: To promise a ripping outcome for the potential client.

“Need business solutions?”

Goal: To invoke interest and curiosity on the client’s mind.

Powerful, isn’t it? It’s brief and direct, but astonishingly powerful! Your business needs words like this, and Copywriters can help you craft those words in order to lure your potential buyers. Selling just doesn’t happen face-to-face, we have what we call: Copywriting. And Copywriting sells in print. And who does that?


A lot of businesses today rely on Facebook for their marketing strategy, and you can’t neglect the fact that power words are needed for that particular site. Seduction is the ultimate goal of a Copywriter. You only have three seconds to capture the attention of your target audience, and if your headline’s boring and unattractive, you lose.


6. Save enough space… inside your office grounds.

Copywriters don’t need to go to the office everyday just to do their work because they can work remotely. Writing can be done anywhere, and it really depends on the discretion of the writer. If the writer prefers to write in a secluded place devoid of the city distraction blended with a complete silence, the writer can do that. If the writer prefers to write on a cafe, then the writer can absolutely do that as well.

This is an advantage for start-up companies that don’t have enough space for people inside the office. Writers are flexible creatures, if the situation calls you to do it, you can still keep them on board, while making them work at home. But don’t do it on purpose, though. If you do have enough space inside your office for your Copywriter, then don’t intentionally isolate them. It’ll make them feel like they’re not included on the team, it could lead to a total disconnect on the company, and eventually lead that talented Copywriter to resign; don’t waste your talent.


7. Planning’s good, but you need someone who can do the actual work.

You can plan your content strategy all the way through the following year, the strategy that you would use could be good, the budget’s there, but if no one’s there on your team to actually do the grind works, and that’s writing, that’s not going to work, mate. I’m being dead serious right now. You need a writer to do the writing works, not a planner!


8. Copywriters sell while giving value to your prospects.

If one of your services offer a logo designing service, your Copywriter can get creative with that and actually write an article about logo design. An example title would be: The Benefits of Having a Good Business Logo.

Your Copywriter can write a list of the benefits of having a good logo, its purpose is to inform and teach your potential clients that yes, it is a good investment, and it’s quite important. It’ll get them interested, and make them think that they need to make one for their business.

It’s a way of convincing them by informing them first and laying out all the benefits of your service: logo design. And since you do offer that kind of service, it’s not impossible to get them to be your client, because your Copywriter caught their attention, and made them clients. Thanks to that blog!


9. You constantly need fresh copy.

There’s an awful lot of copy that your business need from blog posts, articles, services, e-books, white papers, social media copy, and more. Do you know what you’re gaining by consistently putting out fresh and enticing copy? Well, it’s this: customer loyalty. If you do this, you’ll have more repeat customers, and what happens to repeat customers? They’ll eventually lead to do word-of-mouth marketing. They’ll point your business to their friends, their colleagues, their family, and more. They’d recommend you without the need to pay them.

And what led to that? Fresh copies! Everyday! Not just on Tuesdays, not just on Fridays, but every single day without fail. And who would be the best person who could help you produce a huge volume of copy and content? That’s a no-brainer question. Of course, a Copywriter!


10. SEO boost.

This is more of a tip than a benefit, though. But I’ll include it anyway. Copywriters with SEO skills are dangerous creatures, if you ever have one on your team, don’t ever let them slip within your hands. Writing is hard to do for a lot of people already. What more is learning SEO?

SEO Copywriters can help your business stay ahead of your competitors as they’d be able to help you get in front of your potential buyers, and your buyers’ are not the only ones who’s happy, though. Google would be happy too. By producing fresh copy, you’d get more traffic to your website; it’ll increase your visibility on the search engines, and your potential buyers would easily find you.


What’s a Copywriter again? (CollarFinder defines a Copywriter in our own words)



A Copywriter is a writer who’s dreaming of writing his or her own novel one day, a marketer who does everything just to seduce a potential client, a problem solver to make your buyers care, and a salesman using words in a written format to convert leads to sales.


You forgot to hire this person on your team; a multifaceted creature that’s probably missing on your team right now. Who’s that? Well, it’s this: a Copywriter. Hire a Copywriter today!

One more tip: Most Copywriters are introverts so bare with them because they might not talk a lot, but trust me: they have a lot to say, especially in writing. Don’t discredit hiring the quiet ones.

Happy searching!

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