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How do you find out if you’re in the right job? We see all those people who constantly bewail about how they hate their jobs or how they dread their bosses. You even see co-workers who instantly resign out of the blue, the effect of this is: you get frazzled as to why you’re not actually experiencing those things. I mean it should be the same, right? Jobs are hard; it’s all work anyway. So, you’re supposed to abhor it like everybody else, right? But surprisingly, you experience it differently, and you wonder why. So, the next question is: how do you determine if you’re in the right job already? Read on to find out the signs.


1. You hardly ever look at the clock. 

Have you ever need to do something important only to forget to pass that daily time record of yours to your boss because you’re so engrossed with debugging that line of code on your program? Well, I’m guilty of this; it happened to me. People who disrelish their job always look at the clock, and feel like time is moving unhurriedly. This is not the case for those people who love what they’re doing. People who love their job experience this kind of flow state where they forget to look at the clock and the next thing they know; it’s already one hour before 6 p.m.

If you haven’t found your passion or a job that you love yet, start on this one. Observe yourself as to where you experience this kind of flow state. I’m very sure you have yours too, we all have it; you just have to find it. Okay, it’s understandable if you experience flow state by playing video games. Well, I’m not talking about that anyway, I’m talking about your life’s work, your calling. Assess yourself. Is it through painting? Is it through writing? Do you feel satisfied whenever you’re dancing? Or is to through teaching? Find it! That’s your job, and the people around you deserve to see your work.


2. You’re proud of your work.

If you’re an article writer then you’re absolutely proud of your write-ups. If you’re a Business Consulting Firm owner, then you’re proud that you’re the reason why job seekers and employers find each other. No, honestly, if you would recommend your company to your closest friend, then that’s a good sign. It shows that you’re proud of where you work and what you do.


3. You’re excited to head-off to work.

You feel elated whenever it’s time to go to work, you even dream of going to work before you sleep at night.


4. You don’t dread Sundays.

Nope, you don’t experience Sunday blues. In fact, you’re excited to go to work the next day. You’re ready to take on new tasks; you’re ready to learn while your boss assigns you a new task. People who hate their jobs tend to experience Sunday blues. Call yourself lucky because not everybody gets to experience that. High five mate!


5. You love meetings.

Are you that employee who secretly loves meetings? If the answer is yes, then it’s a good sign. You love listening to your boss who mentors you and your team on what to do next, on how to handle this kind of situation, on how to reach the goal; you enjoy it all.


6. You see loads of job openings on the internet, but you’re not interested anyway.

As you scroll through loads of job openings on the internet, you see all these other job opportunities waiting for your resume and at the same time it pays more. You find yourself fascinated with the perks that it offers, and say to yourself that it actually is a good catch. But despite knowing all of the benefits, you still stay where you are because you know that the kind of fulfillment that you get from your current job is priceless, no amount of money or salary offer can ever make you leave your job.


7. You feel jiggered after work, but it’s worth it.

There’s a whole eight hours that you have to devote your time doing the job that you love, and it’s not to say that you won’t ever get tired. But even if you get tired, you know that you’d get back to it the next day.


8. You don’t feel trap, instead you genuinely feel happy and satisfied.

Have you ever encountered that kind of feeling before? Where you feel trap, and feel like this is the end of your career, just doing this dead-end job? Don’t worry; you’re not the only one; I certainly did felt that too. Well, I’ve encountered this kind of feeling before when I worked as a call center agent for a company that I won’t even mention. Being an agent requires you to answer phone calls from angry customers who need assistance with their technical queries. I personally didn’t like the work that’s involved in that company. Now, that’s not to say that being a call center agent is a bad one, but I am saying that it’s just not for me. For me personally I like work where there’s a recipe of variety everyday. I crave challenges even though it irks me sometimes. I know that without it, I’ll be bored to death at work.

Listen dear, if you haven’t found the work that you love yet, that process of dreading is important because that’s where you’ll realize that enough is enough. It teaches you what you don’t like, and it will lead you to know what you specifically want. Enjoy the ride of your journey towards finding work that you love. I know you’ll find it dear, trust the process.


9. There can never be enough work. You always want more.

Finish writing the article for the week? You want to write another. Just finished the tasks that your boss is trying to make you do? You secretly want more of it. Being satisfied with the work you have doesn’t always involve money. Although, it is included in some kind of way, but what I’m talking about here is different. You feel satisfied with your work because you feel like it’s an extension of your personality and for me, that’s writing, and my work incorporates writing an article every week. How about you? What’s yours, dear?

Well, here’s a tip for you, if you’re going to find work that you genuinely love, ask yourself this question: Am I genuinely happy with the work that I’m doing? If I’m given the chance to do this work for free, would I still do it? If the answer is yes, you know you’re on the right track, but if the answer is no, I reckon it’s time to search elsewhere.


10. You do great work.

Do you know what differentiates the people who make a difference from others who just get by and wait for their salary at the end of the month? Those people love their work! You won’t see a person who exceeds expectations and doesn’t love their work. They do! Trust me on this.

As Steve Jobs said, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

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