6 Brutally Honest Truths That Nobody Tells You When You’re Applying for a Job

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The process of finding a job is not a walk in the park. You submit all your resumes to loads of job portals. You apply countless times on Facebook, LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, etc. You did all that you could just to find a niche. But you get dejected. Nobody’s calling you. No text back from the HR department. I get you. I’ve been there.

If you want to extract inspiration from this article, you won’t find it here. We wrote loads of inspiring and informative ones from our other blogs, though. You can check out our website blog section for that. But today’s a different flavor. I aspire to inspire you with utter integrity.

I’ll help you by giving you the brutal truth. I don’t want you to be trap on this mindset that there’s no more job opportunities in the future because no one’s hiring you. So, this article gives you the 6 cold hard truth that nobody tells you when you’re job hunting:


1. Finding a High Paying Job Is Really Hard Especially If You Don’t Have Valuable and Rare Skills.

If you’re searching for a job that really pays good; you’ve got to have loads of skills. And you can’t get these skills overnight. It takes work, persistence, hard work, sweat, experience, discipline, etc.

Think of it this way. If you want to be a best-selling author like Neil Gaiman, you don’t get the writing skills that he has overnight. There’s no such thing as overnight success. The people who tells you that they had overnight success are probably lying straight to your face.

So if you happen to read this and you’re a fresh graduate, or you didn’t get that job position that you so badly wanted. I’m telling you to hustle more, train more, and learn more.

In today’s market, having a college degree is just one qualification to get you to the door but it doesn’t guarantee you a job. So find ways to learn more, assimilate about the niche that you want to get yourself into, familiarize the skills. Practice everyday.


2. Applying for a Job and Then Saying That You’re Willing to Learn.

One day, we had a job opening, we posted the job ad online, and then we received tons of applications.

There’s one specific requirement that the candidate must have in order to be processed for the job opening. And that is, to know how to speak the Japanese language.

One rule of thumb for a recruiter is: you gotta know how to probe like a pro. So, I asked if the applicant knows how to speak the language. The candidate told me: “No, but I’m willing to learn.”

Can I be brutally honest? Companies are not looking for people who’s willing to learn. They already want you to be made. This correlates with the information written above.

That is why you have to acquire in-demand skills if we’re talking about targeting the high paying careers. I hope this motivates you enough to ignite the fire inside of you to develop high quality skills (valuable skills that the market needs or should I say, a lot of people lack).


3. If They Say This: “We’re Just Going To Call You.” Then Expect That You’re Not Accepted.

Don’t give yourself false hope if a recruiter or a hiring manager told you this statement. I hate it to break it you but it means that you’re not hired. You might be accepted, though. But 90 percent of the time if they say this statement, it’s a NO from them.


4. Posting on Facebook, Hoping That a Job Would Land Straight Your Way.

Posting an indication statement on Facebook that you’re looking for a job won’t get you a job. Researching would. Doing your homework would. A job won’t come to you easily. You have to find it.

Research tons of companies that you’re interested in, message them on their Facebook page, or e-mail your resume to them. Do the work! Don’t sit in there and hope that a job would come your way because it won’t.


5. You Get Discouraged Easily.

Can I tell you a fact? Recruiters get rejected loads of times more than you would ever imagine. Loads of recruiters grapple every day just to find candidates to get a closed deal. And I scroll through Facebook seeing all these posts that they’re all losing hope because no one’s hiring them.

My head goes like: If these people only knew how headhunters are desperate to find the right candidates just to have a closed deal for the month or two, then they would not feel discouraged at all.

That’s why I need you to go back to number one and learn a LOT of skills. The world needs people who have this passion for learning. And I promise you that if you do learn these skills (skills that are valuable in the market), you’ll land a job in no time.


6. Sometimes You’re Damn Good, You’re Just Not What They’re Looking For.

What do I happen to mean by this? Well, in companies, we have what we call culture-fit. Companies have different cultures too like different countries. Think of Apple.

They’re not really after those seasoned professionals but they’re after people who are insanely great at what they do and has the solid understanding of the latest technology so they’d be able to help Apple to innovate and build their future tech products.

You may have a different talent. Maybe you gravitate more on selling, communication, and the like. You’re not tech-savvy. And you applied for Apple. It doesn’t mean that you’re not good and your skills are of waste. It’s just that you’re not the right fit for Apple.

Go hunt for a selling company, your skills and talent would surely fit theirs. Don’t take it personally. Sometimes, it’s not that you’re not good enough, it’s just that, you’re not a culture-fit.

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