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Not everyone gets the opportunity to work closely with the CEO of CollarFinder. If I only have one word to describe him, it’s resilience. But aside from being resilient, he’s a natural in teaching. He might not notice it but he has this propensity for mentoring. And I’m one of those chosen people who get to be mentored by him. But I believe that his teaching doesn’t stop from me and to my colleagues. I strongly believe that these lessons deserves to be shared for our readers, so allow me to be your sharer today. Here are the 6 lessons that I learned from him:


1. I Learned from Him That Not Everything Should Be Spoon-Fed.

CollarFinder’s CEO is a natural teacher, a mentor. So it’s no surprise that he teaches us tips and tricks on how to do certain stuff related to our work. Teaching is great! There’s no harm in spoon feeding your teachings. But I learned from him that not everything should be taught. Do you know what’s the value of not being spoon fed? It teaches you initiative. It teaches you how to think for yourself. It teaches you to think outside the box (which a lot of people fail to do).

If you’re a recruiter and you learned from your boss the tools on how to recruit. That’s good. But don’t forget that your boss doesn’t know everything. So it’s your job to research and find other tools that you could use to recruit better.


2. I Learned from Him That You Have a Blind Side No Matter How Good You Think You Are.

If you’re like me, the work I like best is creative work. Writing is one example of work that requires creativity because there’s no steps or rules to follow for you to create one literary content. It’s up to you on how to construct the flow in every word that you would write. That’s what makes my soul alive. I focus on the possibilities, the imaginitive side of things, patterns, creativity, and the like. Sometimes, I get elated on the big picture too much that I miss out the small details.

My boss (the captain of our team) is a very detailed oriented person; she notices the minutiae grammar blunder that I make whenever I submit my writings. She’s probably the most detailed-oriented person I know. Details are her strong suit. I admire her adeptness for details.

If you’re going to be a leader someday, don’t just bring in people who have high level of creativity. Your creative employees will always have a blind side; your team has to be diverse.

That’s the same for you. You have your own strengths uniquely given to you by Him. It’s a gift. Use it. But do not forget that you still need other people. You’ll always have a blind side and you need people to pat you and say, “Hey! You missed this one out.”


3. I Learned from Him That Most People Already Have The Tools in Order to Reach Their Goals But They’re Not Exploring It.

We had a meeting one day and he was mentoring us on a specific subject matter. He has a Huawei phone and it has been his phone for years now. But he told us that despite owning the phone for years, he doesn’t know how to use the other features of the phone. Why? Because he told us that he didn’t took the time to explore it.

If his goal is to record every conversation that he will have with his future clients, he wouldn’t be able to execute that because he doesn’t know how to do it on his Huawei phone.

The same thing for you whether you’re a recruiter, a writer, an entrepreneur, a manager. You have to explore certain things for you to have the skills to reach your goal. I don’t mean “just explore” what I mean is “explore deeply.” And I not only relate this to things or tools, but I also relate this within yourself.

Yes, you. Do you wonder why there’s loads of people out there who are clueless with what they want to do with their life? It’s because they fail to explore the most important thing in their life, and that’s their self. Don’t be like them. Sometimes God gave you a talent that’s already there. All you have to do is explore yourself to unleash the greatest potential that is hiding within you all along.


4. I Learned from Him That Even Though You’re an Expert Already, You Should Still Learn.

Aside from being an entrepreneur, he’s also a singer; a great one.
He told us that he started taking voice lessons again. His vocal coach asked him and it went like this, “Why take voice lessons from me? You’re already an expert.” What his response was, “I might already be good at this but you know what? There are some things that you know that you can teach me that I know nothing about.”

That’s a beautiful perspective right there. I wrote this because I wanted to share it to our readers especially to the young ones. There would come a time that you’ll feel that you’ve already reached the top level of your niche. But don’t forget this substantial lesson that I learned from him, that I now write to you. Be an expert, but never eradicate the student mindset.


5. I Learned from Him to Get a Piece of Strength From Others, Combine It, and Make It Your Own.

This sounds intricate but it really isn’t. Let me further elaborate. I remembered when I was in a meeting with him together with my captain. He told me one best example for this, it goes like this.

“You know we all thought that Mariah Carey was the best singer of all time. But what we didn’t know back then was that there would come a time that a great singer would emerge who’s much more better than her, from a new generation. One example of this is Morissette Amon (A talented female singer from the Philippines). We all thought that Mariah was the best. But Morissette got Jessie J’s style, Sarah Geronimo’s style, and her other idol’s style. Then what she did was she combined all those styles including her style and made it up to be her own style.”

This doesn’t just applies to singers. You can also apply this in your professional life, your writing style, your graphic design, your recruiting techniques, etc.

Observe the strengths of the people around you. Combine which of their strengths are applicable for you. The outcome would be: a greater you, better than your heroes.


6. You Can Have All the Best Information or Mentor in Front of You But If You Don’t Execute It on Your Own. It’s Just Gibberish.

This is the last but not the least lesson that I learned from him. You can have Beyonce as your singing mentor but if you don’t take her advice to heart and you don’t apply it, then a great YOU would not happen. Execution is always on you, it’s not from your mentors.



I hope you execute and know all these lessons by heart. It is our mission (CollarFinder Blogs) to provide great information to our readers in any way possible. Be a better you today. Soar high like an eagle!

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