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My company’s a start-up, what’s the best way for me to recruit star employees?

So, you’re contemplating whether or not should you outsource your recruitment process. But wait, you’re wondering if there’s even such a thing. You want great talent, but first you need to setup your own recruitment team in order to actually recruit star employees, right? Well, maybe not because you’re thinking that you can do it alone. Well, you can do it all by yourself, but would it be effective? Would you get quality candidates? Well, if the answer is no. Is it totally hopeless for you? Well, my answer is also no, because here’s your hero: RPO.


What is RPO?

RPO means Recruitment Process Outsourcing. It is the process of outsourcing all of your recruitment process or part of it to a third-party vendor.


Why RPO?

You’re probably asking me the benefits of RPO by now. Well, read on to find out the perks:


1. It strengthens your brand and candidate satisfaction.

As a business owner, it’s not enough to only satisfy your customers; you should satisfy your applicants too. Why is that? Well, let me give you a scenario. Say, you have an applicant, and her name’s Jessica. She’s applying for the position called IT Admin Specialist. And Leslie, one of your Recruitment Specialist received her application, and reviewed her resume. Leslie was impressed and texted Jessica for a scheduled interview on the next day. But Leslie was called to a meeting that day, she was so caught up with all of the details that’s incorporated in the meeting, and forgot that she actually scheduled Jessica for an interview the next day.

What would happen to Jessica, then? Of course, she would have a bad candidate experience. Instances like this can happen in the corporate world, you know. What if Jessica is the right one for the vacant position, but missed it just because of a failed scheduling?

This is not the case for RPO companies, RPO recruiters are very attentive to every candidate that they’re endorsing to their client, they apply close monitoring, they make a calendar invite, they contact the candidate to make sure that the candidate is already in their client’s office for the initial interview, and more. They treat the candidates as if they’re the most important thing in the world. Why such care? Because that’s where their money comes from; that’s why they care so much about the candidates. Without the candidates, there won’t be lots and lots of revenue for the company.

So, what’s in it for you if they do care deeply for every candidate that they endorse to you? Of course, if the candidate had a good and satisfying experience, they would brag it out to their friends, family, and colleagues that your company is a great place to work for because the people are so attentive, kind, approachable, and more. It increases your employer brand; it gives a good impression for your company. Thanks to the RPO recruiters who represented your company well to the candidate.

RPO recruiters care for their candidates like no other recruiters would do.

Always remember that.


2. It’s scalable.

I’ll give you two situations to explain why it’s scalable. If there’s a new department that’s being launched at your company, then it’s expected that there’s a huge amount of people that needs to be hired in order for that department to run smoothly.

And let me to tell you another situation where you just need a seasonal type of person that could be your encoder for a span of six to eight months to do encoding works in order to build the database within your company, but you only need one, and after that, you have no plans on hiring another encoder again.

Now, what’s the connection to it by being scalable? Well, it’s this: for the first situation, your RPO partner can adjust their recruiting process depending on the urgency that your company needs. If you need 50 people, then so be it, they’re going to scale up their recruiting process just to deliver 50 quality people for you.

On the second situation, your RPO partner can come in as to when you want the recruiting process to happen. It doesn’t have to happen on a consistent basis. RPO’s are very friendly when it comes to hiring for a seasonal purpose. You’re the boss of your RPO partner; they’re very flexible. Wow, how great is that? Is it not enough to convince you that it’s time to partner with an RPO? Go on, now!


3. Cost-effective.

“Isn’t RPO left for the larger companies? Well, we’re a start-up, and we don’t think we can afford to hire the service of an RPO company.”

A lot of start-up companies have that mindset, and some of them are not even familiar with the concept of RPO. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s really not left for the large companies. It’s a service that’s suitable for any type of company, really.

It’s friendly for start-ups because start-up companies comprise small teams, and each of the person that’s working in a start-up company is probably stretched too thin already to add another workload called recruiting. You don’t want to submit to the option of hiring a recruitment specialist just to fill one vacancy, that’s not a good option for you especially if you’re in the early stage of developing your business. Your business should focus on the strategies and operations as to how it could grow and expand in the future.

RPO is a great option because aside from being scalable, it’s also cost-effective. You won’t need to pay a recruitment specialist a monthly fee, pay for their overtime fees, vacation leave, and more. Save that precious money of yours, and invest it to other things that matter.


4. Saves time.

Let me give you an overview of how the recruitment process is actually done. Well, it starts with sourcing. Sourcing means you need to find passive candidates. Second thing is you need to contact those sourced candidates, and ask them if they’re interested for a career opportunity. This is the phase where you get a lot of rejections because not all of them would be interested. Some of them are happily working at their current jobs. Third is you need to invite them for an initial interview, this is where you’ll assess if they’re the right fit or not, and the recruitment process goes on and on after that. The last part of it is onboarding, and I won’t even mention all of it in a detailed manner cause if I ever do that I’ll bore you to death.

See how boring and tedious it is? Not to worry, dear. You can save a huge amount of time by outsourcing this process to a recruitment process outsourcing partner.

RPO companies have a lot of experienced recruiters who are skilled when it comes to selling the opportunity of their clients, and you can be included in one of those. In-house RPO recruiters are trained to perform rigid and thorough recruiting process for their clients, and they do this on a daily basis.

You can place your confidence with the RPO partner that you chose, as they will put in their time, energy, effort, resources, and more just to get you the perfect candidate that’s suited for your company.

You won’t need to do the unexciting work that’s being done in the recruitment process. Time is money, and you should choose to save time through an RPO partner.


5. You pay for results, only.


RPO companies don’t charge you for a daily fee once you hire their service; you only get to pay them once the candidate finally gets hired. Most RPO companies would charge you a 20 or 30 percent of the candidate’s annual gross fee in return for the service that they’ve done for you, that’s how they get paid for their service.


6. It allows your HR personnel to focus on their core tasks.

Your HR personnel have a lot of work to handle already such as employee relations, training and development, compensation and benefits, and more. If you ever hand them the extra work of recruiting, it’ll take them away from their major tasks, and if they do recruit, they won’t be able to get and catch quality candidates anyway, but your RPO partner can.


7. Access to quality candidates.

As a business owner, you’re not actively sourcing potential candidates, but RPO recruiters do. Your HR personnel don’t do sourcing on a day to day basis, too. So, it’s best to turn to an RPO partner to get quality candidates. RPO companies have a pool of candidates in their database ready to be tapped into if there’s a need for a certain position. They actively engage with these people for the purpose of reaching out to them in the future to offer alluring opportunities.

RPO recruiters don’t just endorse someone just because the candidate’s resume is a good one, they do more than that, they assess if they’re the right fit, attitude wise and skill wise.

Your RPO partner will immerse themselves with your company like familiarizing your company’s culture, observing the type of people that works for your company, the values that your company applies when it comes to work, and more. After doing this, they can now go on, and hunt quality candidates for your company, making sure that they’re rightly fitted to work for you.


8. Skip the need for advertising.

Advertising costs your business a lot. An RPO company focuses on recruitment, so it’s given that they do advertise their client’s job vacancy for a huge amount of time. If you choose to outsource your recruitment process, it would allow you to skip the need to create ads for it to be posted on social media; you won’t do the legwork of posting jobs on a lot of job portals; no need to do sourcing, no legwork for you, and besides, it’s expensive. Your RPO partner will do advertising for you.

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