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So you’re contemplating whether or not should you hire a headhunter to recruit senior management or C-suite level positions for you. After all, you view it as a waste of money; you don’t want to convey confidential information to a headhunter, or you’re just simply sceptical about the process. Well, the mission of this article is to coerce business owners to reconsider their way of thinking, and allow them to view headhunters as their business partner, instead of creepy money takers.


1. Hire an Impactful Leader on Your Team.

A team without an effective leader is adrift; leaders are the driving force of your company. It’s prominent to place the right person for a specific key position. They would be the key as to where your business might be three, four, or ten years from now; whether it’d be a successful one or not. Of course, as a business owner, you want to have leaders who are strategic, motivated, has the same vision as you, has the right set of skills for the job, and more.

But we all know that these people are hard to find; as they are quite scarce in the job market. Partnering with an Executive Search Firm would be of great help for you as they specialize in finding these kinds of purple squirrels for your company. You wouldn’t want mediocre leaders working at your organization. Do you?


2. Proactive Approach.

Headhunters don’t just post job ads on their social media platform, and wait for applicants to bombard them with loads of resumes; instead, they use a proactive approach when it comes to recruiting. These people are the real hunters, as they devote their all; their energy, their time, their resources, and more; just to find the best candidate for you.

They would reach out to passive candidates, and apply their selling skills in order to persuade that person to work for you. Headhunters are more aggressive in their approach, that’s why it’s favourable for you to partner with these kinds of peeps. They don’t wait for the opportunity to come; they go and hunt for the opportunity, and that’s the kind of recruiter that you want for your business. What are you waiting for? Talk to a headhunter now!


3. Much Wider Connections.

It is given that you have your own set of network connection; that’s all well and good, but the question is: is it truly enough to find insanely exceptional leaders? Headhunters champion the art of relationship building; it is the nature of their job to interact with people (e.g. their clients, potential candidates, etc.) on a day to day basis, for that reason, they constantly maintain a good relationship with each and every one of their contacts.

Headhunters are the most widely connected people you’ll ever meet in your life. They stay updated on the current recruiting trends; they stay connected with loads of executive people, IT Managers, HR Team Leads, etc. And this is one of their advantage, by knowing this; you can put your confidence in them to find that IT Manager that you’ve been yearning for, all along.


4. Let Your HR Focus on their Core Tasks.

Letting your in-house HR personnel recruit for executive positions is not the best route for you. Recruiting for senior management roles demands the all of a person, and if it’s not given the time and effort that it deserves; it would not lead to a successful placement. HR employees do loads of things, aside from recruiting.

They are responsible for employee relations, employee benefits, filing of employees’ documents, training and development, payroll, and more. Handing them the extra work to recruit people, especially if it’s a key position would result to employee burnout and worst, high turnover rate. And besides, your in-house HR department might not have the internal resources and knowledge to hunt C-suite level positions, though. Hiring an Executive Search Firm would ease your HR’s workload and skip the process of screening loads of resumes that are mostly not even qualified for the job. Allow headhunters do hard-core recruiting for you.


5. Allows You to Recruit People from the Competitor.

If the previous person assigned to do Java coding for you resigned because of a personal reason, then this would be a company dilemma. Who would do Java coding now, then? Having a vacancy for these kinds of position that requires specific set of skills would be a hard hunt and it would be very difficult to fill. Java Developers are scarce in the marketplace, if there would be a candidate who would perfectly fit your job vacancy, chances are; it would be from the same industry as yours, in short, your competitor! The question now is: how on earth would you recruit the best people from a competitor, then?

Do you know the solution for this? Turn to an Executive Search Firm! Headhunters would do the dirty work for you, brutal as it sounds, but it happens in the industry, and it’s quite prevalent. Headhunters keep things in a confidential manner, they respect the information that you reveal to them, and in return, they would keep it privy as long as there’s no placement yet. They’re the experts with negotiating the best package for the target person that they’re hunting for. They would be the one to represent your company, and do it in an extraordinary way.


6. It is Cost-Effective and it Saves Time for You.

If you’re a business person who’s just starting out, and you badly need a Chief Operating Officer to be on the look-out for your company whenever you have client meetings to attend to, out of town business trips, a speaking event, and more. Hiring a permanent headhunter would not be advisable for you, especially if recruiting happens on an occasional basis. Seeking out the aid of an Executive Search Firm would not only save you time, it would also attenuate the money that’s being put out!


7. New Position.

As a business owner, it’s beyond the bounds of possibility for you to know every job roles that’s given birth every single day. The world is ever changing, new technologies are being launched, new businesses are starting out, new fashion trends are being popular and more. Job roles are subjected to change, too. Say, you need a Process Innovator for your company, but you don’t exactly know what that role does. It’s particularly new actually! And for you to spot the right candidate, you have to know what that specific position does, what set of skills the person must have in order to succeed for the job, and more.

This is one of the perks of partnering with a headhunter. Headhunters keep their feet on the ground. They’re updated with the in-demand roles that the job market needs; the standard package for a particular niche, a new job role, etc. Additionally, if you want to seek advice from them; say a topic about a package salary, you can ask them, and they would happily answer your queries. It’s a consultative approach! You can reap the benefits from these people by learning from them aside from the good deeds that they already do for you.


8. Confidentiality Purposes.

Not everyone in your staff would perform consistently. Say you own an RPO company, and you decided to do some improvement on your company website, but your IT employee is not doing his or her job i.e. he or she is slacking off.

You see, an employee is paid to do work, and if he or she is not doing the tasks assigned, then what’s the purpose of him or her being there in the first place? If that underperforming employee stays long enough at your company, then this would hurt your business financially. Okay, now you badly want to find a replacement for that person, but at the same time you want to maintain harmony because you don’t want to burn bridges, right? So, what’s the solution for you as a business owner, then?

Turn to an Executive Search Firm!

Headhunters keep things in private, and that would include their recruiting process! Surely, you don’t want your HR personnel to create a job advertisement that would be posted on social media when in fact you don’t even have a vacancy for that particular position in the first place!

The underperforming employee would question as to why there is a job opening, when in fact he or she is in charge for that certain position. It would create confusion and conflict, both for you and for the employee. So to avoid this, approaching a headhunter to make the hunt for a replacement would be the best route for you.


9. Efficiency.

Headhunters know the urgency of filling the upper management roles, because they keep in mind that having a General Manager vacancy at your company for a long time would cost a lot; time delays, slow increase of the company’s revenue, no driving force (the leader) for your business, and more.

Headhunters will use their network of connection, large pool of candidates from their database, and their knowledge with the current recruiting trends. So, if you’re thinking of ways to make your recruiting process faster, I reckon it’s time to partner with a headhunter.

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