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Provide expert HR services by building relationships with both our partner organizations and job-seeking professionals.


Businesses’ best choice for high quality Human Resource solutions.

CollarFinder Management Consultancy Inc. is a Business Consultancy firm dedicated to providing clients’ needs and requirements within the Service Level Agreement locally and internationally. We provide solutions and results, unity and passion in every action. We strongly believe that above all, we put God first on top of everything which makes us sole and affluent as we partner in reaching goals together.

The core of the firm is mainly providing professional individuals to an organization wherein they can be an asset for success. We are an executive search firm that sets the unique standard and fully committed to doing actions beyond expectations. We are more than a recruiter and service provider, as we build rapport in both clients and professionals which delineates a strong connection and bridge the gap in both parties.

For the past ten years, “Nards” Honcolada ventured the various domains of human resources and staffing solutions. Along the way, he developed expertise in providing and catering services with and for different companies — local and international. All these years he valuably gained clients’ TRUST through his own-developed formula,


And that’s where everything underway.

He started his consulting work in the year 2010 servicing a group of companies specializing in auctioneering to retail and recycling. The accomplishment of placing professionals for the progress of the organization and the incomparable relationship, which fills the gap in both parties, that’s established through serving as a mediator, made him envision an executive search firm dedicated in catering the clients’ expectations while being a channel of blessing that open doors for the employees in search. This was the humble beginning in reaching the sole proprietor’s goals.

It was year 2013 when Nards personally trained individuals to form a group of globally competitive consultants as a step in achieving his aspirations. And long before the year ends, through his dedication and principle, his formula RELATIONSHIP + TRANSPARENCY + SERVICE + HEART = SUCESS became reality, an exclusive executive search company was founded, and SUCCESS there turned into Collarfinder Management Consultancy. Thus, his formula developed into


Year 2014, when the astonishingly full blast operation of Collarfinder commenced. The progressive expansion of scope in search of professionals for various companies with diverse industry (Air cargo, betting and gaming, security software; computer hardware, facility management and business support services, direct selling, surplus and retailing, restaurant and food, engineering and construction services, software and technology services, automotive, cosmetics and personal care products… etc.) proved the company’s reliability to provide our client a Recruitment Process Outsourcing service. Overwhelmingly on the same year, Collarfinder got an opportunity to endow with a major contribution in a Global Healthcare Company based in Japan by extending its service for HR consultations.

Year 2015 was another significant year for Collarfinder. Through continuous growth together with a good partnership locally and internationally, Collarfinder turned out to be a “Corporation”. The company is incorporated to UNI Recruit Services Pte Ltd, a Singapore based company that has an expertise of all levels of recruitment from different parts of the world. Nard’s advocacy of building first-class relationship through transparency gained their TRUST. Big word but possible to achieve.

Collarfinder not only provides clients’ needs but also maintains its personal relationship with them. Clients’ trust is very important, it makes the company peculiar among others. We value their reliance and expectations. Currently, Collarfinder Management Consultancy Inc. is looking forward to extend its services in providing solutions beyond expectation not just locally but internationally.