Accounting Services

CollarFinder offers services that professionally help small and start-up businesses with their Accounting. We have Accounting professionals who are keen to details and have vast experience in this field.  Here are the Accounting services that we offer:


Recording of expenses through journal entries 

    • Recording of sales through journal entries
    • Process of Payments and Disbursements 
    • Bank Reconciliation
    • Processing of Statement of Account 
    • Preparation of Book of Accounts


    • Computation of the salaries of employees on a daily basis including their deductions.  


    • Filing and Registration of BIR 2303
    • Filing and preparation of the Income Tax Return 
    • Filing of Employees Tax ID

Financial Statements

Preparation of the following: 

    • Balance Sheet 
    • Income Statement 
    • Profit and Loss 
    • Cash Flow 
    • Bank Reconciliation