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What’s harder than hunting great employees to work for your company? Well, it’s this: keeping them. Actually, getting them on the grounds of your office is the easiest part, retaining them is what’s hard.

You might be thinking that the pay is the only thing that would make your employees stay, and that would do all the work. Well, that’s a wrong mindset dear. You can’t control people if they already made up their mind to leave, but you can at least do things that would contribute for their long tenure with the company. Here are the following:


1. Respect their time-offs.

Let’s face it; people have lives outside of work; they have families to take care of, Sunday obligations to attend to, hobbies that they so badly want to spend time doing on the weekends, and more. So, if you’re a business owner, you have to make sure that you respect their free time. None of your employees want to think of work after leaving the grounds of your office building.

It’s easy to ask them for a favor to do work-related stuff on the weekends, but if you do this consistently, negative emotions would accumulate within them, and would quickly turn to resentment, and as a business owner, this is something that you want to prevent.

If what they signed up for on the contract stated that they would only work on the weekdays, then don’t make them consistently work on the weekends. If they’re on vacation, don’t continuously message them on Facebook to ask them as to when they’d be able to go back to work. If it’s Sunday, don’t call them and discuss about work-related topics. For you, you could see this as a minor act, but believe me, the effect of you doing the stuff mentioned above has a massive stress-related impact for your employees.

Let me give you a tip: if the body gets tired because of work, the only solution to eradicate that is to sleep on it, but if the mind gets tired because of work, it cannot be stopped; you cannot tell your mind to stop stressing out a thing about work. You just can’t shut it down.

So, allow them to recharge their batteries on their free time. If you do this, you’d be surprised to see how energetic and inspired they’d be once they return on the office grounds, completely delighted to take on another challenging day at work.


2. Make them feel like there’s career advancement in your company.

If your employees’ have been doing the same type of job for years without having the chance to change their tasks and responsibilities; don’t be flabbergasted to see your employees handing in their resignation letter to your office, one employee at a time. No person wants to do the same type of job for years or maybe even decades. There has to be career advancement on their part. Your employees must grow with your company.

What are the ways, you ask? I’ll give you an example: If you’re a start-up company, then you’re business suddenly reached the peaks of its success within five years, and you suddenly need an Operations Manager who would be responsible for looking out on the operations of your business while you’re not around, you can consider hiring internally! Instead of overlooking your tenured star employee, consider him or her, don’t overlook him or her. This is one way to prevent the dreaded situation of doing a dead-end job for years without ever growing, career wise.

Another way of doing it is this: If you’re a business owner who’s just starting out, it’s not a guarantee that your business would be in the market still as the year passes by, but it’s not an excuse to not secure your employees to promise a career advancement at your company, you can tell them this: Once the business finally succeeds, I will make sure that all of you would grow personally and professionally together with my company. See? It’s that simple.

It’s not enough to actually do it (to advance their careers) because before you can finally do that, your first step is to give them the confidence that they do have a future within your company.


3. Provide trainings.

Now that you know the vitality of making your employees feel like there’s career advancement at your company. Does it stop right there? Well, the answer is no, silly!

No matter how many promises you make your employees on their career advancement, that won’t make sense without doing baby steps. What do I mean by this? You can start by letting them attend trainings that you know would make them grow both personally and professionally. Or if you can’t afford to pay for trainings yet, then be their mentor, teach them the tips and tricks that you’ve learned before, show them the proper way to recruit, be their guide. Making your employees grow doesn’t start once your company already grew; it starts at their very first day at your company.

Making your employees grow doesn’t happen by means of promoting them; you can start with making them grow through learning.

By doing this, you are making them more equipped to do their job, and they might even do work outside of their job description that you never thought they’d be capable of doing. Allow them to grow because your employees’ growth is also your company’s growth.


4. Engage them.

Making your star employees stay doesn’t stop with giving them these perks: having an amazing culture, making them attend superb trainings, career advancement security, and respecting their rest days.

Think of the process of keeping your employees as if you’re running a school institution. Why? Because in school, it’s not always study time; there’s loads of happenings that occur at school that’s not academic related. When I was a high school student, our school conducts loads of extracurricular activities. There’s a month where students can showcase their strengths with sports, there’s also a month where we’re allowed to showcase our talents, and whoever wins would win a prize for the best talent of the year. There’s also a month where the most brilliant minds would compete with each other i.e. a quiz bee, and whoever wins get a trophy at the end of the school year.

Now, you’re probably asking me about the connection of this when it comes to retaining employees. Well, it’s this: retaining your employees resembles running a school institution; it should not always be work-related. You should engage your employees in the most creative way.

This is where you can practice creativity; think of ways on how to engage your employees. I’m going to give you some examples:

  • Every Fridays, your employees can get free doughnuts for their hard work all throughout the week.
  • You can also conduct a costume contest during the Halloween season, and whoever wins gets a cash prize.
  • You can have an employee of the month award, written there are the top ten employees, and whoever’s listed there gets additional bonus and a free jacket.

These are just some examples from me, but it’s all up to you; get creative or lose your employees, your choice, really. You might not be a business owner right now, but maybe one day you would, and don’t forget what I taught you today. Engage your employees, always.


5. Give them praise.

Appreciating your employees costs you nothing. A simple “good job” could be a game changer. By doing this, you’re assuring them that you appreciate their work, and if you consistently do this, they’ll be hungry for more work, and they’ll keep getting better and better the next time.

If you do the opposite, you’ll make your employees feel like they’re not appreciated, and no person wants that. They would feel demotivated to do work; they’ll think like this: “Even if I put in the effort to do this task, my boss won’t even appreciate my work, might as well do average work on this one.”

If this happens over a long period of time, they might look elsewhere, a company that would appreciate and value them. You want to prevent this! So, if you don’t want this to happen, start appreciating your employees now for their good work because they deserve that.


6. Hire only good bosses.

“People don’t leave jobs, they leave bad managers.”

Have you ever heard of that saying? Well, it’s perfectly true, it happens!

You have to be vigilant when selecting the leaders that would be in charge of your employees. They (the leaders) must have the right amount of skills, trainings, and attitude in order to do their job well.

Choosing who would be the manager would be a contributing factor in retaining your employees as they would be the one who will manage your employees. If your employees complain that their immediate supervisor is not treating them right, believe them. You can’t afford to neglect their concerns. Well, it’s your choice. Neglect it and watch how you carefully lose your star employees or make an action and solve the problem.


7. Give them the right pay.

And last but not the least: giving the right pay. Even if you give them awesome trainings, good bosses, respect for their time-offs, security, and all the good stuff, if you don’t pay them right, I can assure you that they’d be leaving your company in no time.

Giving the right pay doesn’t stop at being competitive with the pay, though. You can also demonstrate this by giving the right amount of payment every 15th of the month or by the end of the month; not lacking, and also not in excess.

Apply the six tips written above together with giving the right pay, I can assure you that you’ll have happy and engaged employees working for you for a very long time.

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