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I always observe people, whether they notice it or not and what I found is that, one is different from the other. Some people are jolly; some are adventurous. Some people like spicy food; some people don’t. There are optimistic people and there are those people who are quite negative with their life.

You know what, I have always loved stories; no matter what genre. And I often listen to real life stories being aired on the radio. Some are positive; most of it, negative. For today’s article, I want to write inspiration for the lost people. I can only do so much in my life. And I cannot write to every single type of person in the world. But I chose to write to these lads and lasses:


For the person who’s frightened to pursue something. What I’m pertaining to that ‘something’ is anything. A lot of people have divergent kinds of fondness. Yours could be:

• Wanting to become a Writer but you talk yourself out that you don’t have the talent to do so.
• Starting your own business but you feel terrified that you’re just going to mess things up.
• Auditioning for a singing competition but you decided to not do it, because you fear that they might reject you.
• Having a desire to paint, but you have this mindset that you’re not any good.


Can I tell you something? There can be a whole lot of better writers than you, better singers than, better entrepreneurs than you. Your classmate might be more creative than you. Your sister might be smarter than you. But guess what? They cannot be you. There is only one YOU. Here’s the thing, nobody thinks like you; nobody delivers your humor the way you do; nobody has your insights; nobody has your natural propensity. Nobody designs your art like you. Nobody is YOU.


The world is waiting for your gift. Future generations are waiting for you to write that novel. Some new established art museum is waiting for your paintings. And nobody gets to bring your unique set of gifts, but you. I’m rooting for you. It doesn’t have to be writing. Find your own thing. Go on! I’m waiting; the world too.


For the doubters. There would always be naysayers; wherever you go. But you know what they can’t do that you can? YOU CAN ACHIEVE GREATNESS. They can only talk negative about people. A lot of people already do the talking, but you can be a DOER.

These people are so consumed with their negativity that they can’t help but pass it on to other people. They may say things like:

• You’re not any good
• Stop singing already, you don’t stand a chance on being the next singing sensation.
• What are you trying to prove? Stop this madness (your business) already. Just go and get a day job and support the family.
• You’re not a Computer Engineer, you’re just a computer user.


You know what, it doesn’t matter how many people tells you: no. Reject you. Say statements conveying that you can’t do it; that you’re useless. That you’re not going to amount to anything. But, do you know the most dangerous kind of doubt? It is from one’s self.


Statements like this go spiraling in your head:

• Am I any good with writing? I doubt that I’d be able to change the world through my words.
• Maybe I should stop this recruiting madness. I’m not an effective recruiter. I don’t even have hires yet.
• I’m not an effective leader because I lack experience. I feel so ashamed.
• Someone shouted at me in the office; I just want to quit my job. I’m useless.
• My boss told me I’m not any good with my designing. Maybe I’m not creative after all.


It’s this inner critic telling you that you are a failure. It’s so easy to get caught up with all the negativity that they’re implanting on your head, including yours. But let me tell you something that: doubters don’t win, winners do. Use them as your motivation. Use it as a challenge. To prove them all wrong. Don’t listen to that inner critic of yours that criticizes your work so badly to the point that you stop doing what you do best. Always look on the bright side and keep moving forward.

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