Hernard Honcolada

President and CEO

A man who's solely dedicated with his work. Mr. Hernard C. Honcolada. He's the true master when it comes to leadership; you can even mistake him as a "people reader" because he can sense the motivation and the thinking behind every person.

That's an amazing talent, and he uses that with leading the team. He also mentors his people; he wants to see them grow. Last but not the least, he sees the beauty in others, and that's the mark of a true entrepreneur, a true leader. He is indeed an irreplaceable leader and a rare gem nowadays.

Michelle Malunes

HR Operations Manager

An HR Wonder Woman with 14 long years of expertise handling all human resource verticals, system analysis and even designs.

She possesses excellent interpersonal skills valuing integrity, responsibility, collaborative team culture, pliability, reliable to handle confidentiality, and juggle multiple to vigorous tasks yet remains prim and proper makes her an asset at Collarfinder.

Pepper Bobadilla​

Creative Director

A multi-talented media producer with a continuously growing passion for creating and inspiring content for the Filipino people, Pepper Bobadilla’s goal is to achieve a noble and innovative cause in the media industry. This will be achieved by sharing valuable ideas that will inspire social change in the Philippines.

Pepper Bobadilla has worked with many media companies such as ABS-CBN, Studio 23, and VIVA entertainment. He was a graduate from the University of Santo Tomas and is currently taking his master’s in Media Studies, Majoring in Film at the University of the Philippines.

Jonnel Algara

IT & Graphic Designer

Collarfinder's IT and graphics connoisseur. At a young age Jonnel already showcased his brilliance in visual designing, data migration, data mining, and data analysis, even in information security, and quality assurance. Not only he is our IT guy but he is also our graphics and logo creator.

This guy is not only smart, but also dependable, responsible, passionate, extremely easy to work with, hard working, and will get things done plus holds impeccable humor. A professional young role model, this guy is the epitome of a true yuppie.

Nittaya Saengsai

Director of APAC

Nittaya takes care of Skynetclouds business & operations end to end. She is very much passionate to understand organizations' challenges and propose the solutions which will be a value addition to the customers. Before working with Skynetclouds she worked in Oracle to focus on identifying New & Innovative solutions to satisfy market needs in the APAC region by providing product and Technical expertise, addressing existing product gaps and developing solutions for APAC customer needs.

She is an experienced Devops professional with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry along with numerous accolades in various hackathon events.

Jeriza Saniano

HR Operations Specialist

As HR Operations Specialist Jeriza Saniano played an instrumental part in effective communication, knowing the business acumen and building good rapport. She believes that good will of an employee depends on how HR treat them. She understands and help the team with the challenges while maintaining a positive attitude towards work.

With commitment to solving customer's needs, Jeriza has developed a strategy that has helped her to achieve high level of service delivery and implementation of HR solutions with focus on timeliness, accuracy and customer satisfaction. Jeriza is confident that she will be able to provide exceptional results.