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    Hernard Honcolada

    President & CEO


    Have you ever seen a man who’s solely dedicated with his work? A man who’s an expert when it comes to leading his people, the secret that he possess is his knack with people management, together with his project management skills. Very few people could be a true expert with recruitment and lead a team at the same time. Do you know who he is? He’s none other than the CollarFinder CEO, Mr. Hernard C. Honcolada. He’s the true master when it comes to leadership; you can even mistake him as a “people reader” because he can sense the motivation and the thinking behind every person. That’s an amazing talent, and he uses that with leading the team. He also mentors his people; he wants to see them grow. Last but not the least, he sees the beauty in others, and that’s the mark of a true entrepreneur, a true leader. He is indeed an irreplaceable leader and a rare gem nowadays.


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    Kris Co

    HR Business Partner


    The sweetest person on our team, her name’s Ms. Kris Co. An administrative and functional expert with 13 years of experience inretail, multi-level marketing and audit/accounting services industries.
    She has proven her works based on her past experiences. But she’s not only a brilliant HR personnel, she’s also a mother of two who deeply cares for them. A true humble person and a free-spirited individual. The HR expert of the CollarFinder team. The CollarFinder team is lucky to have her on our team.


  • Julie Ann Baldevarona

    Senior Recruitment Specialist


    An experienced recruiter, Ms. Julie has proven that there is nothing that can hinder her from achieving her goals. You can make her recruit anyone from the executive level positions down to the normal ones.

    She has a knack for determining whether or not the candidate would be a good fit for the client’s culture. An amazing talent is within her. The recruiting champion among all other from the team. This is Ms. Julie Baldevarona.


  • Kristel Chelsea E. Go

    Content Writer


    A combination of both talent! Because she can do coding, and write at the same time. The ultimate content queen of CollarFinder. She is a true master with words, she has a knack with words. A true wordsmith of this digital generation. She is the CollarFinder Content Writer, Ms. Chelsea Go. Her pen name is: talkativepen.


  • team member

    Jonnel Algara

    IT Specialist


    An IT professional who ventures the road of CollarFinder. He’s the absolute master with graphic design. A novice in the professional world, but once you see his design works, you would think that he’s already a professional graphic designer. A true artist in the making. He is indeed the Graphics King of CollarFinder.


  • Realine Almario Umila

    Sourcing Specialist


    A scholar of the government. She joined CollarFinder early this year too. And she’s the one who do all the encoding works here in CollarFinder. She types faster than anyone you’ll ever know, she is a true master encoder!


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