Accounting Services

Accounting Services

Accounting is the language of business.

Hello there! Are you looking for an accounting service provider who not only does it professionally, but combines it with passion when they’re doing the actual work? Let’s face it, you are looking for one. Now, you’re ruminating whether to hire an in-house accountant or to hire an outsource provider to do it.


Don’t contemplate about it anymore! Here’s the solution: CollarFinder Management Consultancy, Inc.

It’s a company that helps businesses of today with regards to their accounting dilemma, a problem solver for any type of business. One of our services includes the art of accounting, and here are our services:


1. Bookkeeping


The act of bookkeeping is the very first step in order to produce your monthly financial statements. Your books of accounts needs someone who could fully take care of it, making it organized and detailed accordingly. If you’re going to pick an outsource provider who would do the bookkeeping for you, the right choice is to outsource it to us! CollarFinder! We have loads of in-house accounting professionals who are keen to details, and they also have years of experiences already on the said field. We know the time of an entrepreneur is very precious, that is why we’re here to record your financial transactions every single day.

This is very ideal for the start-up companies who want to save overhead cost. Why hire early on when you can have the option to outsource it to us first? Your goal is to be focused on the operations of your business, the revenue generating tasks, and not waste time doing bookkeeping everyday. Bookkeeping is time-consuming, and that’s the problem that we want to solve for our clients. We do it with the utmost care, and with the highest standard of professionalism.

These are the sample activities that we would love to do for you, and the only thing that we’re waiting from you is your sweetest “yes”:

  • Record day to day financial transactions.
  • Record the accounts receivable in a detailed manner.
  • Record the accounts payables, and never miss a late payment from your vendors or suppliers.
  • Produce monthly financial statements e.g., balance sheet, income statement, statement of owner’s equity, etc.
  • Consistently update the general ledger with new transactions that’s being done everyday.
  • Explain to our clients the meaning behind the figures written on paper.

These are just the samples that we’ve written here for you to get a glimpse of how we do our work best with bookkeeping, what more would it be if it were to be done in an actual way? Save yourself the headache of finding a bookkeeper, we’re just one call away, or you can e-mail us for inquiries.

You may contact us on the following:

  • 0915-768-8691
  • 0997-406-7692

Now, you may be wondering why on earth would you choose us over the other ones? Besides, there are a whole lot of service providers who could provide this kind of service as well, but why CollarFinder for bookkeeping?
Still need more convincing?

Well, here’s why:

  • We care!
  • Yes, two words, but very powerful. We treat our clients’ books as if it’s our own, and no one’s neglected in the process of doing it.

  • We’re very detailed.
  • Mistakes are forbidden with bookkeeping, so, to avoid this, we double-check our work making sure that what’s recorded and written on the books is clear and precise.

  • It’s our forte!
  • Why settle for a beginner when you can work with a master? An expert in the field would guarantee a superb bookkeeping service for you.

  • We do extraordinary.
  • Mediocre work is not in our core values when it comes to work, bookkeeping is repetitive, yes, but it is only through the hands of The CollarFinder Bookkeepers who can make that an extraordinary work surpassing all the work that’s being done by the other ones!


2. Payroll


Happy employees are unstoppable.

How can you do your part as a business owner to keep your employees happy? You can’t control every aspect of what make employees stay, but you can at least do your part with regards to payroll. Here’s the brutal truth: Your employees don’t go to work for the sole reason that they love their job, they go to work because of the salary, the money! Now, let me ask you a question: How sure are you that you’re paying all of them exactly the right amount?

Well, suppose you have 5 employees, and you vowed to do the payroll on your own. But eventually your business is going to grow and expand. You should be thinking of the future! You can do it on your own right now, but what if in the next three years you now employ 100 of them? You don’t want to waste all your precious time doing the payroll process, do you? So, as early as now, what you need to do it to outsource your payroll process to us (CollarFinder). Our in-house payroll specialists are comfortable with the figures eliminating inaccuracies and errors. It helps our clients provide an accurate salary amount for each and every one of their employees.

Here’s the information that we need from you in order for us to take over the payroll process completely:

  • A copy of each and every one of your employees’ contract.
  • The schedule of each and every one of them. The number of days that they work within a week.
  • The number of hours that they work within a day.
  • The mode of payment preferred by your employee.
  • Their account e.g. bank account number, g-cash account, etc.

Yes, that is all. If we need more aside from that depending on the situation, then we’ll quickly notify as soon as possible!

To give you an overview on the process on how we do the payroll, read the following bullets below:

  • Collect the daily time record of your employees.
  • Check if the time written on the daily time record is accurate and valid.
  • Compute the number of hours worked, incorporating the approved overtimes, and the other additional ones.
  • Hand it over to you for checking purposes. (This is highly exceptional, it depends if you still want this process to be done, or not.)
  • Make a payslip.
  • Deposit it within their respective bank accounts.

We’re ready! Are you?

Are you ready to partner with us for payroll purposes?

We’re hearing a “yes” from you!

You made the right choice!

The best payroll specialists work in CollarFinder.
The question is: Do you want to work with the best or the average ones?


3. Taxation.


In this world, nothing can be said to certain expect death and taxes
– Benjamin Franklin.

Ah, the taxes, you just can’t get away with it. Every year, you need to file your income tax return to the government combined with the loads of other taxes that you still need to pay including the VAT, the wage taxes, the excise taxes, and many more.

And what happens if you miss paying your taxes? You’re in danger of paying unnecessary penalties! Your hard-earned money would just be put to paying taxes, just because you failed to delegate this task to the experts.

Who are these experts, you ask?
Why are you still asking that question, silly?
Of course, it’s us!
CollarFinder Management Consultancy, Inc.

Your tax partner, or should we say, your tax expert business partner!

Partner with us with this aspect, and never worry about late payments anymore, cheers!


4. Financial Reports.


You business needs a report to determine whether it performed well and those are called Financial Reports.Since, CollarFinder does bookkeeping, why not hire us until the end of the year and do the final financial statements for your business? We promise to work in a confidential way; not a single document would be leaked on any form of medium. It is wise to outsource your accounting stuff at a certain company who’s an expert with bookkeeping together with the making of financial reports.

Here are the following financial reports that we would happily do for your business:

  • Income Statements
  • Balance Sheets
  • Cash Flow of Statements
  • Statements of Changes in Equity

Our work is not done after finalizing all the reports on the final month of the year, we will help you make important decisions, and be your guide when it comes to financial planning, or forecasting.

  • Want to expand your business?
  • Ask us, and we’ll answer you based on the financial statement whether that we made if it’s the right time to do so, or not.

  • Ruminating of hiring a new employee?
  • We’ll advice you on the most perfect time!

  • Is it time to move to a new location?
  • Depending on what’s written on the financial statement, a superb advice is guaranteed from us!

We not only know how to do the taxes, the bookkeeping, the payroll, and the financial statements, but we’re your absolute advisers with regards to the financial aspects!

CollarFinder’s Accounting Services is your best choice!

Let’s talk accounting today!
Shall we?