Executive Search – Philippines
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Executive Search – Philippines

To our potential client, if you would observe the world around you and ask yourself a question about the qualities that makes the leading businesses today on top of their game. What would you answer?

You’ll probably answer:

  • It’s because of their technology.
  • It’s because the CEO of the company is great!
  • It’s because of their commitment for quality customer service.

Yes, that is all correct! But we’ll tell you a secret that these companies don’t tell you. Do you know why their business is doing extremely well?

It’s because of their people!

You see, you can’t run any business without insanely great people working for you. Now that you know their top secret, what’s your next step as a business owner, then? If you need quality people, where on earth would you find these people?

Well, that’s the mission of CollarFinder’s executive search service.

We will help you find these people, applying strategic approach combined with efficiency. Read on to find out why we are the best at this particular aspect.


What Makes CollarFinder’s Executive Search Firm Stand Out?


  • Commitment for Quality. We Raise the Bar.  

We don’t just select candidates just for the sake of placing and filling a vacant role. We make sure that whatever requirement you may have; we commit to deliver quality candidates. The CollarFinder team understands that if you hire one average employee, then it would affect the overall performance of the company. Because that average person would hire a person who’s also an average employee.

Then the cycle goes on and on and on, and the next thing you know; your company is comprised with average working people, and that is not what we want for your company. We make sure that that the people we bring in on the table are highly-skilled and quality people. We don’t compromise; we only bring in quality peeps.


  • We Take Effort to Understand Your Needs.

Here in CollarFinder, we take time to probe on the qualities that you’re looking for, what certain skills, what specific experience the candidate must have. We delve deep with regards to understanding what you want for a candidate. We will always ask for a feedback from you, whenever a failed process has occurred. Then, after receiving an honest feedback from you; we can align ourselves based on your needs through calibration. We don’t rely on the job description. We rely on your words, your needs.


  • We Don’t Treat Our Clients as a Commodity.

We pride our business in championing the aspect of relationship building. We don’t do business in a transactional way. CollarFinder is like your personal coach, hunting only the best people for you.


  • Matching the Right Candidate that is in Line with Your Goals and Values.   

A lot of candidates are good, but headhunters forget the process of evaluating if the person would be a real asset for the company in the long run. We would ask their values, goals, and expectations early on the hiring process to make sure that this person would have a long-term relationship with your company. CollarFinder knows that everyone can be a good candidate but if they’re not aligned with your company goals and values; then it’s nonsense. We will take care of this aspect for you.


  • We Know the Urgency.

A senior position role that’s vacant for a long time would be a liability for a company and we deeply understand this. After knowing what you want, we would go ahead and hunt the best candidates for you with a sense of urgency but not compromising quality in the process.


  • Client and Candidate Focused.

We are not solely client based. We are client and candidate focused. We understand the importance of the candidate that’s involved in this process. You can successfully hire a candidate for a month or two but if the candidate is not happy with regards to their salary, the company culture, their manager, etc. Then they would not be happy to stay at your company.

CollarFinder knows this process. We would make it a win-win situation both for you and the candidate. We would negotiate all the concerns of the candidate. Both clients and candidates must be happy. This is how we recruit executive positions for you.


  • We Don’t Choose Our Clients.

Here in CollarFinder, we cater to all types of businesses. It doesn’t matter if you’re just a business who’s starting out or your business is already a large one. Big or small, we would be happy to help your business take on the next level.


  • We Deliver.

We’ve been in this business for a long time now to master the struggle, the problems, the challenges, etc. We’ve all encountered this stuff already. In those years, we already figure out the best way to deliver.

We stay true to our word. If we say that we will deliver it by the end of the month then expect that we would! If we say that we will bring you the best programmer in town, then we would!


  • We Probe on the Attitude, Not Just the skills.

Attitude is everything! It’s not to say that skills don’t matter. Well, it actually does matter! But a highly skilled senior manager with a bad attitude (e.g. putting other people down, talking behind their back, spreading gossip, etc) is not a good character to have for a manager. We will assess this early on if the person would perform well on your organization together with the right attitude. If a candidate is all good but the attitude is bad, we won’t consider that person for you.


  • We Hunt Candidates Like No Other

We know that the best candidates are already employed; they’re being paid well in a certain company; they are enjoying their work.

We would entertain active candidates, but at the same time, we would also hunt these passive candidates which are more of a perfect fit for your company.

The CollarFinder team has this convincing power to make anyone want to work for you. That is why we would sit down and talk to you first about the perks of working for your company, and then we’ll brag it out on the candidate to receive a sweet ‘YES’ from them.


Our Executive Search Team Performs Searches for the Following Positions:

  1. C-level positions (CEO, CFO, CTO, CIO, etc.)
  2. Directors
  3. Vice Presidents (VPs)
  4. Managers
  5. Technical Executives
  6. And more…

The following are our industry expertise:

  1. Information Technology
  2. Shared Services
  3. Telecommunications
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Mining
  6. BPO
  7. Real Estate
  8. Hospitality
  9. Retail
  10. Construction and Engineering
  11. Semiconductor


Hire CollarFinder for Executive Search Today Because:

We are the ultimate matchmaker between job seekers and employers. We will never let your business down, expect only the best results.

So what are you waiting for, business owner?

Let’s talk executive search today!