Human Resources Consulting Firm in Manila, Philippines

Human Resources Consulting Firm in Manila, Philippines

CollarFinder knows your struggle as a business owner, because we face these challenges too.

Business owners face loads of challenges every day from finances, high turnover rates, problems with revenues, how to attract great talents, etc. Outsiders have this mindset that just because they see someone on the outside being a successful entrepreneur, doesn’t mean that there’s nothing that’s keeping them up at night. This is of course an utter myth.

That’s the CollarFinder advantage, because this is something we deeply understand. We know
the challenges that business owners like you face every single day, because we experienced them firsthand in our past experiences too.

CollarFinder offers loads of solutions to your business including: IT Services, Executive Search,
Business Registration, SEO and Digital Marketing services, etc. But for this content, we would focus on HR Consulting. Read on as we promise nothing but solutions.

Is it time to outsource your HR to CollarFinder?

So you’re contemplating whether or not to outsource HR. After all, in your mind, your business can run without HR anyway, right? You can implement that, but if you’re a good entrepreneur and your goal is for the long-term, maybe it’s time for some consideration right there.

HR is good for any existing business (big or small). It does all sorts of things. It champions the comfort of your employees, your people in management, and most especially, your business. Gone are the days where HR’s job is to hire, fire, and do disciplinary acts for your employees.

HR is more of a business partner now; partnering with senior-level positions to incorporate strategic steps to implement proper utilization of workforce.

You’re probably saying things like, “Dear CollarFinder, HR is really not my forte. What now?”

Well, that’s why we’re here as your best solutions provider!

There are loads of companies out there who offer the same services as we do and also tailor- fits the way they do business with your HR.

But we do it differently.


Eradicating mediocrity in our process!
DEEPLY understands your business.
People First – Our motto for HR Consulting!

Your life as an entrepreneur would be so much better if you read the promise that we’re going to do for you once you hire us as your HR Consulting Service Provider:

We would let you focus on your core tasks.

Your business is probably going to run all sorts of department, and each department has all these lined-up workload, waiting for you to do all of them, especially if it’s HR.

Your business has its own core. You can’t like all of the tasks that are incorporated on every department. That’s where you’ll resort to outsourcing.

By this, you can focus your all on your core tasks, not worrying about HR work as we will do the work for you.

It is cost effective for you.

If your company is in need of a new Java Developer in replacement for the one who’s leaving. Hiring a full-time Recruitment Specialist isn’t the best route for you to solve this problem. Do you know what the best solution for this?

Turn to CollarFinder’s HR Consulting Service!

Outsourcing HR is absolutely friendly for start-up companies, especially those who haven’t got a structured HR Department yet. CollarFinder’s HR service skips the need for you to implement employee benefits, monthly salaries, maintaining good relationship with the HR people, training them, etc.

You can do business with us once you need us and you can terminate that contract once you’ve already have that Java Developer that you’re looking for and besides, recruiting is not easy. It takes so much time and effort just to find the right man or woman for the job. Save your money and your precious energy!

Recruit quality people.

Imagine being faced with this kind of situation.

You’re running a tech start-up company. Things are running smoothly. Revenue seems to increase, month after month. You have all the right people suited for your business. Not a least bit of a problem there. Good thing! Then, one year later, your best front-end programmer all of a sudden decided to resign due to personal reasons. This is
absolutely inexorable!

Now you’re bothered asking yourself, “Who would do the front-end coding now? Well, I might as well post a job opening on the internet and wait for applicants to apply.”

That’s a good solution and yes, you can do that. But you see, front-end coders are hard to find, especially when we’re talking about front-end developers here with a solid foundation and knowledge with the tools being used.

As a business owner, it’s totally up to you if you want to outsource all the functions of your HR or just a part of it. You’re the captain on this decision-making process! Since recruiting is part of HR. Then you’re faced with this kind of situation, you can contact CollarFinder and let us know that you have a job opportunity for front-end coders. It
would benefit you as we probably know how to find the person that you’re looking for as we do this all the time (Because hey, experience counts!). Having exposed with different clients, you can sleep well at night knowing that we’d be doing the work, just to find the right person for you.

Law compliance. We are your protectors!

Law changes all the time. If you’re not an expert with regards to the law, then CollarFinder can do it for you. Our HR Consultants keep themselves up to date with the current laws all the time, especially with the nature of their work. They handle different types of clients all the time. So it’s a must for them and that is given.

It takes years to build a good reputation and make your business grow. You can’t afford to let your business be shut down by just one lawsuit filed against your company. CollarFinder can help protect your business with these unpleasant situations. We will make sure that all of the processes being done in your company are compliant with the law at all times.

Keep your employees happy.

Your employees are your most important asset. The goal is to retain them. So it’s nice to have a little bit of fun sometimes (it’s not work all the time, anyway) such as recreational activities, team building, company outing, community outreach, etc.

If your employees work all the time, and there’s no time for fun, they’ll get bored and unhappy. There has to be someone who would organize the company outing, schedule it, manage it, etc. Who’s going to do that?

Of course, it’s CollarFinder’s HR!

We will think of ways to reward high-performing employees, give extra benefits for loyal employees, we will manage the team building activity, all sorts of stuff really.

We’re going to do the following for you:

Salary Structure, Compensation & Benefits
• Starting salary
• Benefits administration
• Annual salary increase
• Salary alignment
• Bonus planning, design, and review

Let CollarFinder keep your employees happy

We’ll do the legwork for you.

HR has loads of administrative tasks such as keeping up with employee record keeping, filing, payroll, doing letter memos, etc. If you dread doing the tasks mentioned above; that’s a good reason to outsource these tasks to CollarFinder. Let CollarFinder do the legwork (e.g., paper works, payroll, compensation and benefits, employee handbook) for you.

We’re going to the following for you:

  1. Probationary employment contracts
  2. Regularization employment contracts
  3. Job Offer Letters
  4. Memos
  5. Quit Claims

Training and Development for your employees.

CollarFinder knows that one of the keys to success is training and developing employees.

Outsourcing this HR function can help up skill your employees. The world is ever changing. A good HR provider anticipates the skills that would be valuable in the future and let employees take the necessary training’s to acquire those skills.

Its function today is to bring out the best in people. This is vital for the long-term success of your business. Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your business twice as much as you do for them.

Here are the training’s that we offer both for you (business owner) and for your employees: (Exclusive only for CollarFinder clients)

1. The ART of Negotiation

  • Why do we negotiate?
  • The Art and Science of Negotiation
  • Negotiation v.s. Compromise

2. Foundational Leadership Training

  • What is Leadership?
  • Leadership v.s. Management
  • Types of Leadership
  • Characteristics of a Leader

3. Work Attitude and Values Enhancement

  • Benefits of WAVE Program
  • LEAP Program (Learn Engage Act Progress)

4. Strategic Leadership Program and Development
5. Succession Planning and Strategies

Aside from this, we also look for outside trainings that are suited for your employees. We’re training hunters! Hurry! Don’t miss one of this perk that we offer for your business.

We make your employees 10 times better!

Build a strong culture and values for your business.

It’s substantial to incorporate a strong culture at your company. The vision and mission must be felt by each and every one of your employees; not just written on the office walls or on the employee hand book, and that’s what we’ll do, to articulate that to your employees.

If your employees don’t know the value of work that they’re doing, then it’s easy for them to get off-track and not see the bigger picture.

But if they know and strongly believe in what your company stands for, then even if they’re not at work, they’ll be proud to tell the people they know that they work for your company and that builds a good reputation for your business.

We’re going to do the following for you:

1. Creation of Mission and Vision Statement
2. Organizational Structures / Charts
3. Corporate Values
4. Company policies and manuals

Helps resolve work relations.

What department do you usually go to whenever you have any concerns? Of course, it’sHR! Think of CollarFinder HR as a mediator. It resolves squabbles going on between the employee and the manager. It is the ‘go to’ for each and every one’s concerns.

If you don’t have time to deal with all the employees’ concerns, then you can outsource
this to us and we’ll take care of that thing for you.

Get a chance to seek advice from our world-class HR Consultants (The Experts).

If you’re an HR person but lacks experience or you’re striving to become one, but you haven’t have the slightest idea on how to manage HR effectively. You can turn to our HR Consultants. The perk doesn’t stop by us doing all the work for you. If you want to learn from us, we can absolutely help you with that!

CollarFinder Consultants can also help you by way of teaching according to their expertise. They can provide you training and professional coaching. If you’re having a dilemma on how to decrease turn-over rates at your company, the HR Consultant would teach tips and tricks on how to turn it all on your favour. They’ll provide you steps on
how to implement the strategy given and teach you the underlying motivation that people have with regards to jobs.

HR Consultants can also teach effective leadership; the proper way to do it, so that employees can’t help but stay at your company.

The list is endless. Learning is one benefit for this. Go on now!

Why CollarFinder?

Now that you’ve read all the exciting perks that we would do for you once you hire us. You’re probably asking, “Okay, there’s a lot of companies, why CollarFinder anyway?”

Why us?

Because aside from the tailor-fit process that we’re going to do, the listed benefits and promises above.

We do business in a non transactional way!

Believe us, a lot of businesses out there can do all these things without care but we do it with care.

We care.
We understand.
We build trust.
We build relationships.
We make business.
We want nothing but the best for you.
We do nothing but the best!

CollarFinder is like your most trusted coach who will give you straight-forward advice about the things that you should do to solve the problem.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss the service that only we, can offer. Make your business a people champion today.

Let’s talk business today!

Let’s talk HR today!