Legal Services – Philippines

Legal Services – Philippines

Why Should You Choose CollarFinder’s Legal Services for Your Company?


1. Helps You With Compliance. We’ll make a legal audit.

We would function as if we are your internal lawyers when it comes to compliance. We will make sure that all of the processes that you do at your company would be law compliant at all times! Think of this service of ours as your future investment as we are helping you build a positive image for your company both for your customers, and for your clients.

You don’t want your business to succeed and just be out of business just because your company is being sued for improper termination of an employee, do you? If you don’t want this to happen, then outsource this function to us, and never worry a single day about being law compliant!


2. Contract Making!

You should outsource the process of contract making to us, don’t worry as we would keep it confidential at all times. If you’re unsure of how to it, don’t do it anymore, because we’re here to do it for you anyway, all you have to do is just outsource it to us. It’s important to have a contract in every type of agreement that your business is getting into, and how are you going to do that if you don’t know an expert who would do that for you? (Turn to us for this dilemma of yours).

Contract would help your business enforce the agreements set by both parties, and we’re here to make and write it down in a legal way for you! Basically, we would communicate with you to know about the certain type of rules and agreements that you would want for a specific type of situation, and we’ll execute that on paper. We’re the master law writing experts! Aren’t we the best fit for the job? Yes, we are!


3. Gives Legal Advice Tailored for Your Business.

It’s totally okay if you don’t want to outsource your law process to us in a full time manner, because CollarFinder is flexible, and we offer that flexibility with our services especially with our legal services.

If you just want a legal advice from us for only a day, we can absolutely do that, but we doubt that you would outsource to us for only a day, by the way we give legal advice for our clients; we assure them that they can’t help but be repeat clients. If you don’t know what to do because you’re being sued, then we would tell you the best move for that. Legal advice is everywhere on our premises. Let’s talk legally today, shall we?


4. Tax!

Ah, there it goes again! The business taxes that you need to pay annually. You have nothing to do but to comply with this law process, because it’s mandatory. You’re an entrepreneur, and you’re a busy bee and you have no time to go to the BIR office just to pay your taxes. Don’t worry about this problem anymore as we will do all the tax paying for you! Be it an estate tax, property tax, etc. Our internal lawyers have the years of experience therefore they’re the true experts for this.

If you outsource this function, we can assure you that you outsourced it to the right person! And by the way, we don’t treat it as transactional way, but we would pay your taxes as if it’s our own tax. Don’t worry about the errors, we can audit tirelessly for your company, just to make sure that everything has been executed correctly.


5. Corporate Litigation.

Got sued? Don’t panic! We’re the best defender for you. CollarFinder specializes in compliance, contract making, legal advice, and tax, but don’t forget the defending side of it. We would conduct an initial investigation for your case, do the pleadings, and the discovery of the pre-trial, trial, settlement, and the appeal process.

Name the case, and we’ll defend it for you. A sure-win is promised once you hire us as the one who represents you in court!


6. We’ll write you the best and the most tailor-fitted Partnership Agreement for you.

Don’t have one yet? Not to worry, mate! We got this! You know, it’s very important to have a partnership agreement written down in a very clear and in a detailed manner, because if it’s not written, it didn’t happen. We’ll help you clear up the division of work between you and your business partner, profit shares, the limitations, and more.

We will help you avoid the dreaded dispute between you and your business partner; you don’t want this to happen in the middle of your company’s success, do you? So, if you’re ruminating to get an expert legal writer about this, then don’t think anymore, it’s CollarFinder who can definitely help you with regards to this matter.


7. You’re a start-up, and you don’t have your own Privacy Policy Agreement for your own website yet?

Every single business out there thrives on their digital marketing strategy, and one of those strategies incorporates a website, and yours is no different. You can’t just run a website without a properly written Privacy Policy Agreement especially if you’re going to be collecting personal information from your users, you have to have that. Besides, it’s utterly required by the law, and you need to follow that. Otherwise, you’ll get yourself in trouble in no time if you didn’t invest time to put in the effort into making it happen.

So, now that you know this, you have one problem, you don’t know who would write it thoroughly and diligently for you. This is the secret: Just look for CollarFinder, and CollarFinder can help you solve that problem of yours. Get yours now!


8. The Terms & Conditions for your website, too. We’ll write that for you.

In everything, there’s a standard set of rules, and your website should have it, too! Don’t ever neglect the importance of having a well-written Terms & Conditions policy on your website as it protects you as the owner of the business in case there’s any instance such as copyright issues, abuse for using the website, spamming other people, and more. This gives you the right to do actions towards those instances. Don’t have one, yet? Not to worry, mate. We’re the legal expert writers so it’s time to outsource your problem to us.