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There are a lot of start-up companies who are given birth every single day. And a lot of these companies are struggling to design the right logo for them. Some of them haven’t even thought of it yet. It’s vital to know that a logo is the face of every company.

So if you happen to be a business owner and it’s just starting out or if you have plans on starting another business. Then you’re reading the right content, because we, the CollarFinder Team would be the perfect service provider when it comes to creating the best logo for you. It is our mission to deliver, not mediocre stuff, but only great results.

We comprehend the value of an entrepreneur’s time, especially entrepreneurs who are just starting out. That is why we are here to ease your workload, so you can focus your energy doing the most important things.

Sure, we are in the information age right now, so you can do almost anything on the internet already. You can even find loads of websites that allows you to create your own DIY logo within minutes without wasting a penny. You can do that. But let us ask you these questions:

  • Does it (the website providing easy logo making) understand your core?
  • Is it impactful enough to catch the customer’s attention in just one glance?
  • Does it show your personality? Your values?
  • Is it well-thought-of?

It’s a ‘No’ right? Why? Because they don’t understand what you want, what you company does in a humanly way, but we (CollarFinder) do. Well, there are loads of service providers out there that have the same service that we offer, though. But here’s the CollarFinder Logo Design promise that makes us different from the rest: (Because We Do It Better)

  • Commitment For Quality

We personally despise average results. So we also apply this principle to logo design.
We want to make sure that only the best service is delivered within your hands.

  •  Simplicity

You know the saying that goes like this: “Less is more.” We deeply understand this principle. And we’re going to execute that on your business logo. We will avoid placing unnecessary elements on your logo, as it might result to being a distraction instead of being an attraction.

  • Commitment For Originality, Not Following The Trend

There are a lot of current design trends that’s dominating the internet world, our world. But we would not let that trends influence our logo design work ethic. CollarFinder is future oriented. Your logo might be a hit right now if we follow the trends, but it would not be, in the next few years. So we strongly believe in creating a timeless and impactful logo for you, not being affected by the trends. We think forward. We think forward for you!

  • Flexibility

We strongly understand the value of flexibility. We comprehend that you would have freebies like ball pens, mugs, giveaway t-shirts. Maybe not now, but in the future, you certainly would. And we would make sure that our designed logo would fit anywhere in your products. We want to make sure that it is highly customized in every form. We produce all forms of print in order for it to fit from the smallest to large ones.

  • Last But Not The Least, We Promise To Show-Off Your Personality

We don’t do business with the logo design with this kind of approach: Say what you want, we’ll design it, we’ll get the pay, and the transaction is all done. That’s a very cold approach.

We’re like your friend who’s a design savvy with graphic design together with a knack for aesthetics, and meaning. And you can trust us to design your business logo as if we’re your closest ally.

We’ll sit down and talk to you directly. We’ll probe about your company culture, about the colors that you want us to place, the meaning you would like to convey, and all that.

We would process all of this and generate the best logo that would speak your personality and your values.


Let’s talk design today!