Recruitment Search
Industrial designers at the office discussing project on the computer.

Recruitment Search

CollarFinder has a competitive team of recruiters who worked their way up from working for a start-up company up until they reached multinational.

Our team’s recruitment experience ranges from Information Technology, Business Process Outsourcing, Electronics Manufacturing, Engineering, Real Estate, Logistics Forwarding, Garment Manufacturing, Automotive/Dealership, Direct Selling, Mining, Telco, and Sales.

Due to their immense experience and expertise, we can say that our team would be one of your best options regardless of the kind of position you want to fill. We have a different set of team for various employment levels such as rank and file, mid-level, or perhaps the executive level.

CollarFinder does not only screen candidates based on their skills, but we also look into their character and determination in getting the job done. The CollarFinder team gather candidates that have clear goals for themselves and for the company they want to work for in the long term.