SEO and Digital Marketing – Philippines
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SEO and Digital Marketing – Philippines

Ah, the 21st century where people live in the digital world already. Smartphones are everywhere; laptops are being carried to work, people scroll through Facebook first before they brush their teeth in the morning. Gone are the days of the traditional ways. So, what’s in it for you as a business owner with all the information written above? Well, before we get into that. I might as well ask you several questions first. No need to review! I won’t ask questions related to mathematical formulas, though.

  • Question # 1: Do you have a Facebook page for the business that you run?
  • Question # 2: Yes? Well, is it active?
  • Question # 3: How many likes does it have?
  • Question # 4: How’s your company blogs? When was the last time an article was posted?

Getting a little bit curious there? Well, that’s my intention anyway. The questions that I asked you are all Digital Marketing related! You see, it’s not enough for you as a business owner to rely on the traditional ways of advertising and marketing. Why? Because your customers are online!

Your potential customers are probably online right now and they’re looking for an RPO company that they’d do business with. But since they can’t find you, they’ll turn to another service provider, a service provider that has a strong online presence i.e. a company that can be found easily on Facebook.

You don’t want to lose a potential customer or a potential client just because you didn’t work on applying digital marketing on your business. Do you? In order to solve the problem; you want to be digital! You don’t want to be just digital; you want to be consistently digital! In order to stay relevant in today’s day and age, you want your business to produce noise that’s so relevant that customers can’t help but check out the things that you offer. Digital marketing is the way! But how can you do all of these stuff if you have a lot on your plate already?

Well, that’s the goal of CollarFinder! We help businesses leverage their digital marketing strategies. We are an all-in-one digital marketing service provider. Here are the following services that we offer that’s Digital Marketing related: (You can pick one of our services, you can pick two, or you can pick all. It’s up to you.)


  1. Copywriting 

What’s the art of coercing your prospects to buy from you through written words? It’s copywriting! You see, your business needs loads of strategic copy. How hard is it to convince someone to buy from you through communication? It’s very hard, right? The goal is to make a sale through written words. As an industry leader in this specific arena, we will make copy for your business such as:

  • Product Descriptions
  • Video Scripts
  • Invitation Content on Facebook
  • Landing Page Content
  • Services Content
  • Pricing Content
  • Your Team’s Write-Ups
  • And more…


  1. Content Marketing or Content Writing

Imagine taking the place of your customer, and you visited a website that has tons of ads surrounding the home page, and then as you explore on the website, the company talks nothing but promotions like: price, ads, their products, and more. Chances are: you’ll feel annoyed and bored, right? What’s the next thing that would happen? Of course, you won’t stay long enough on that website, and you would go searching for another one.

Now you’re thinking: what seems to be the problem here?

Okay, I’ll tell you the problem: your customers want content! You don’t want them to feel exactly like you did. Do you? So, what’s the solution for this? Of course, it’s Content Marketing! When was the last time you read an article that you so badly loved that you even shared it to your friends and colleagues? That experience is amazing, right? You want that same experience for your customers. You want to engage your customers by posting wonderful articles consistently. It might not have an ROI in the short term, but who knows? Your business might add an additional service along the way, say a graphic designing service.

Since, you’ve already established this set of loyal customers, whenever they need that specific kind of service that you now offer, they’ll do business with you, not from the competitor. Engagement building is what your content must achieve, and that’s what the CollarFinder Writing Team would absolutely love to do! If only you would let us!

The goal of your content is to inform, inspire, and engage, which we do all three of these. Your customers want more aside from the service content, the product descriptions, pricing content, etc. Your customers want to feel like there’s actually a human side on your business. Content marketing is your chance to showcase that human side. We would act as if we’re your in-house content writer at you company.

We will make sure that we would deliver consistent content weekly depending on your preferred blog or writing days. We will do it in the most efficient manner without compromising quality in the process. It is our mission to help companies out there who does not have an in-house writer to write awesome content for them, for you.

Company Profile Creator/Company Content Creator

Make your first impression last with our content creation services, we love to create and leave a mark of a profile that surely is impactful, and memorable to your viewers. Win over your investors, and clients at first glance since we do believe that the first step in reaching your goal is a powerful profile. We’ll save you the mottos, hashtags, dashboards, interesting icons, and taglines, and let the content do the talking. Leave the content artistry to us.

The following are the sample write-ups that we would write for you:

  • Newsletter
  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • E-books
  • White Papers
  • Content for Infographics
  • Technical Write-Ups
  • Creative Write-Ups
  • Journalistic Write-Ups

These are just the sample awesome write-ups that we can write for you! Remember, you are our boss! And whatever content you want, we would write it no matter what. We write awe-inspiring content for you, but in order to write we need a boss first. The question is: are you the boss that we’ve been waiting for? Be our boss today.


  1. Social Media Management

Is your business Facebook page active? How often do you post relevant content on your page? Is it twice a week? Or is it only once a week? That’s painfully low! If you partner with CollarFinder, we would post relevant content every day! If you’re a CEO who has a lot of quotes or sayings, we would post that together with a beautiful graphic design. That’s part of promotional tactics anyway. If you’re a recruitment agency, and you receive loads of queries from people on Facebook on a day to day basis; we would answer all of their concerns for you. Your company would conduct free training? Cool! We would announce it on every platform.

The CollarFinder Digital Marketing team would make sure that all of your social media platforms remain consistently active. Let us do the thinking for you. If you haven’t signed up for the other social media platforms yet, then we would do it for you. We’ll sign you up on the following:

  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • And more…

Copywriting + Superb Content Writing + Social Media Management Expertise = CollarFinder, the best Digital Marketing Service provider in the Philippines.


  1. SEO

It’s not enough to write you awesome content and leave it hanging there on your company website. There’s a tactic behind posting articles, blogs, or any other write-ups on the web, really. What’s the word that you’d likely type on Google whenever you need a service provider related to digital marketing? It’s this: top digital marketing service provider in the Philippines.

After typing, you’d see all these links related to the topic that you’re looking for. What makes them on top of Google’s search engine? It’s because they applied SEO in that content! This is what we would do whenever we write you awesome content, it’s not just pure writing, it’s writing with strategy applied! You want to be found first when someone on the internet typed words related to the services that you provide. We would put keywords on every article that we write for you, meta description tags; all the SEO good stuff really. The CollarFinder Writing Team and The CollarFinder SEO Team would collaborate with each other to make sure that this is achieved. We want to make your business visible to the search engines.


  1. PPC

Ranking high on the search engines is highly competitive nowadays. It’s vital for your business to rely on organic search, but is it enough, though? CollarFinder can help you do both; organic results and PPC. We value your time as an entrepreneur, so we want to do all the PPC process for your business. We have experienced in-house people who can do ads on whatever platform your business has. We’re flexible, it doesn’t matter what type of ads you specifically need for your business. Whether it’s through:

  • Twitter Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Quora Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • And more…


  1. Photo Design

Design always counts! We would apply design in photos. Since we have a service called: social media management. We would post infographics depending on the day that you like. It’s not enough to write content for an infographic without a beautiful design. We would design it beautifully.

The following are the things that we’re going to design:

  • Infographics
  • Job Ads
  • Business Cards
  • Brochures
  • And more…


  1. Video Marketing

We honor the importance of the written way of marketing. But is that all that you can offer for your customers? You see, not a lot of your customers are readers! So, you want to give them something that would catch their attention in a different form of way. Do you know the other option is? Of course, it’s through videos! Videos shouldn’t be all about promoting. Here in CollarFinder, we deeply believe that video marketing must promote and give value to the viewers at the same time. That is how we would do video marketing for you whether it’s through your Facebook cover video, or a website landing page video. We want to make it catchy and professional at the same time.

We want to get to your prospects emotionally that they can’t help but be interested with the products and services that you offer. CollarFinder makes videos and generates awesome content at the same time. Where would you find a service provider like that? It’s simply amazing!

We’re flexible! You name the video that you want; then we’ll create it for you!

  • Social Media Videos
  • Video for Advertisements
  • Website Landing Page Videos
  • Motivational Videos for Your YouTube Channel
  • And more. The Sky’s is the Limit, Really.


  1. E-mail Marketing

Okay. Now, that you have videos, graphics, and content. Let’s get into the other type of marketing strategy that you should incorporate in your business. That’s E-mail Marketing! How do you e-mail your potential prospects? Do you just make a written letter for a potential client; and then copy and paste it so that you’ll use that template to send it to loads of clients?

That’s all well and good, though. But is it effective?

Here in CollarFinder, we have a strategy called e-mail writing + copywriting combined! We will write all of the e-mails that you send to your potential clients or customers in a way that is tailor-fitted for the nature of their business, the struggles that the company is facing, with a little bit of copywriting applied right there. We write awesome e-mails, we call it: a solutions letter, per se. Nobody wants to read an e-mail that’s entirely promotional, you want a letter that offers solution, and that is how we’ll do it.

Additionally, we will not just write an e-mail just for the sake of writing one. We will write an e-mail for your business to get the prospects interested and curious on the things that you offer. It would make the prospect want to say “yes” to the services and products that you offer. Or maybe not a service, maybe it could be a partnership of some sort.

Let CollarFinder write your e-mail content! And see the power of CollarFinder’s words; you’ll have loads of customers or clients e-mailing you back asking for more details about the services or products that you offer in no time.


  1. Data Analytics + Content Strategy

And last but not the least is: Data Analytics. CollarFinder would not allow your business to have beautiful graphics, engaging videos, and well-written content without a measuring tool.

You want every marketing collateral that you put out there to be tracked within the palm of your hands, and we’ll help you do that.

We would use a tool that would measure the number of readers who have read a certain type of blog, measure the traffic who visits your website, and more. After that, we would plan and make a strategy out of it and write more of the most viewed blog topics on your website.

Data Analytics first, content strategy after!


Why Choose CollarFinder’s SEO and Digital Marketing Service?

The answer to that is simple. Why us? Because you want a Digital Marketing service provider who is flexible enough to do all of the legwork for you! And only the CollarFinder Digital Marketing Team can make your business skyrocket those leads that you so badly want like no other service provider can do.

What are you waiting for?

Let’s collaborate with each other and let us help you generate countless leads!

Who are we?

We are CollarFinder.

Let’s talk SEO and Digital Marketing today!