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The company logo is the face of every business out there. It’s the first thing that customers look at when they’re deciding whether or not they could trust your products. So our personal mission for this article is to change your mind from neglecting the essence of having a good business logo to making you invest and prioritize it more. All it needs is a little push from us. So here are the benefits:


It Gives Your Business an Identity. It’s Like Your Personal Name.


I observe cars on the highway when I’m in the process of heading straight to the office every morning. And I notice a logo in front of cars. This gives me the power to know if the car’s a Toyota, a Honda, a Ford, a Kia, etc. Thank you very much logos!

Let’s say, your business produce electric cars for your consumers. How would customers know that it was you (your business) that generated that beautiful thing if you don’t place a logo? Nope, you can’t afford to reason out that you’re just going to put your company name, though. People nowadays have short attention span, i.e., people are probably not going to remember your company name (especially if it’s too long).

But if you put a logo on your products, they’d be able to remember and identify you without a hitch. It’s like saying through the logo, “Hey! This is us. This is what we do. We created these revolutionary products. We do these superb services for you.” Implement this, entrepreneurs!


It Shows Your Commitment.


There’s a saying that I like, and it goes like this, “How can we be trusted with the big things if we’re not trustworthy with things that are small?” I absolutely agree on this and I now relate this to your business logo. Because showing your commitment starts with the small things.

Having a logo makes potential clients or customers feel that you’re established, that you’re serious. It makes your business look reliable. You want to be the service provider that they can trust. Believe me when I say that your clients’ mindset would be like this, if you don’t have a logo: “Why would I want to do business with them if they don’t even have a logo?”

Avoid this! You don’t want them to doubt you. Do you? So you better start designing that logo of your now.


Your Logo Becomes the Vessel of Your Brand.


I personally love Nike’s logo, the one with the little swoosh thingy. For me, it represents inner strength, courage, swiftness, human being potential, greatness and more. Whenever I get frightened writing my next article, I just coerce myself to remember what Nike said: “Just Do It.” It’s such a powerful logo together with their tagline that I associate Nike in a positive light.

And that is what you call “branding.” Branding is people’s perception of you. It’s what they think of you. Branding is all about your values; it’s what your business stands for, your business’s mission.

Building positive perception and connection with your clients and customers takes time. And you can start with the small things. Start with your logo.

Once they already started associating your business with good perceptions. Then I can promise you that your logo would be the vessel that would represent those positive perceptions that your customers and clients think of you. One day, you’ll get flabbergasted because you’ll see some random person change their cover photo on Facebook and replace it with your business logo image.


Bolster Your Brand Awareness. 


Since the logo would be the face of your business, it would be present in everything (your products, t-shirts, freebies, mugs, giveaway pens, brochures, flyers).

The only way that I could explain this properly is to imagine that you’re a young entrepreneur starting out his or her own computer company and you sell computers and laptops like Dell does. Your brand’s name is called: golden. Say, the very first customer who bought your laptop was a student. Chances are that the student would use the purchased laptop for school purposes.

He or she would probably bring that in school to work on school projects, especially if it’s a group work project. The act of the student bringing your laptop at school positions your brand for extensive exposure to his or her network (classmates). By that, his or her classmates’ curiosity would be stimulated.

If they see that the laptop’s working mighty fine, it’ll make them want to know more about your product. This is a good thing! It’ll help boost your brand’s awareness especially if you’re just starting out.


Captures the Attention of Your Potential Customer or Client.


Imagine you’re a customer and you’re looking for a laundry service provider. You’ve been given loads of options, a lot of service provider logos are laid out in front of you. You only get to choose one provider. Then, while you’re in the process of choosing, you saw this logo called “EZ Wash” together with an enthralling design. It suddenly captured your attention and instantly decided to go with that service provider. This is what I’m talking about. You have to have a logo that would easily capture your customer’s attention with just one look.


It Shows Your Personality.


When creating your own logo, you want to make sure that it fits your business. What do I mean by this? Look at Jollibee’s logo; it incorporates a jolly cartoon smiling at you whenever you pass by. It exudes enthusiasm. It positions itself as a happy place to spend time with your family. A place for fun and this attracts people, especially the kids!

Well, if you own a bank, you won’t want your logo to have a cartoon placed in there. People are not going to take you seriously.

Instead, you might want your logo to be color red, as it represents ‘being unstoppable.’ And blend it with the color blue, which means ‘being dependable’ in business. If you’re being creative, you might also want to add a tagline like what Nike did. It’s all up to you. Having your own company logo gives you the autonomy to show who you are. You get the idea!

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