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Collaboration might be an outlandish word for some. Others might utterly thrive on it. But the mission of this article is to celebrate the beauty of collaboration and why it’s so important in the workplace and your life in general:


Increase work efficiency.

Say for example that you’re assigned to make an article. You’ve done all the work as a writer. Researching, editing, reading other people’s work, writing it, and all that. Then you’ve finally finished writing the article. Well done for you, then! But the job’s not done yet. Constructing a well-thought-out article is of no value if there’s no enticing thing that would initially attract potential readers to actually read your work, and that is what you call a photo.

Your article still needs a photo. Of course, the photo should be related to the topic of your article. Not only related, but the photo has to be beautiful enough, with the right blended font color, the background that would perfectly fit, the right size. This of course involves contemplation again.

If you’re the writer and then you’re the photo editor at the same time, I can tell you right now that you’re going to be worn out. Writing is hard work already. You can’t just apply wishful thinking and then all of a sudden, you already have a well-written article. It’s work, pure work.

Here at CollaFinder, I’m assigned with the article making, and then Kate, one of my team members, is the one responsible for creating the wonderful photos that you see on our blogs.

It alleviates the workload and makes posting the article much faster, with the both of us working together to achieve the goal. We deliver it on time and post it consistently.

That’s the secret recipe why we produce great content consistently here in CollarFinder. It’s because of collaboration.

You can apply this in your life as well, not just in the workplace, but also in your personal life. Go ahead now!


It helps avoid employee burnout.

Employee burnout comes in any form. It could be in the form of emotion, mental, physical, etc., and this is inexorable for employees. No one is exempted, even rock star employees aren’t; we are all human beings at the end of day anyway, we still get tired, and what I know that’s one of the main causes of employee burnout is: work overload.

If you’re an entrepreneur, don’t get caught up in giving all the workload to your best employees, it’s easy to fall into this trap. But you have to keep in mind that, yes, they would have no difficulty saying ‘yes’ to you but trust me on this. They’ll get exhausted with that.

The result might be: the employee leaving the company, looking for opportunities elsewhere, employee resigning, etc. This of course is something you don’t want to happen.

So to avoid this, we need balance. Balance of workload can be achieved by collaboration with the right amount of tasks given to each and every one of your employees.


Allows you to focus on your core tasks.

If you’re a business person, chances are; you’ll probably have a lot on your plate; such as meetings with a client, sending a business proposal, e-mailing a potential client, scheduling, and all that. Additionally, you need to reply to applicants asking queries on your Facebook business page. That of course is time-consuming. You probably can’t focus on your core tasks if you have no one doing that legwork for you.

A business’s greatest asset is its people. You can’t build an empire alone; you need people to help you build your empire.

That’s why a lot of businesses outsource these days. Because every business has a core, if you don’t know that, well now you know. They outsource the non-core tasks to primarily focus on the things that are much more vital.


It allows your work to move further ahead.

There’s a saying that I like, and it goes like this: “If you want to do it fast; do it alone. But if you want to go further, do it together.” I didn’t understand before the value of this quote but I now know what it pertains to.

This is a valuable principle, especially in business because in business, time is money. A minute wasted is money wasted too. There are loads of tasks that need to be done in order to make a business run smoothly.

You would waste your time if you’re the one doing all the tasks. It would hurt efficiency and the quality of your work.

So leave pride out the door and start hiring great people to make the vision happen for you, together with your people.


Helps make a great product.

What do you mean by creating a great product? Isn’t that technology related, Chelsea?

Well, nope. This cannot be applied to technology, alone.

This can also apply to people. You see, I strongly believe that each and every one of us has a core gift given by God and you can focus your attention on your core. If you’re not a very good singer, but you can write better than anyone you know, then you can collaborate with great singers and write them beautiful songs, for them to sing it and tribute the writing to you.

Allow others to do what they do best, including you; so that you can collaborate with other people to make a beautiful output. There’s nothing that singers can sing after all without songwriters writing the song first. You’re important.

See the connection there? It’s amazing, isn’t it?


Foster innovation.

I shall tell you a story to further elaborate this. Ms. Pam, the captain of our team in CollarFinder showed me a picture one morning and then she asked me something and it went like this: “What can you say about the picture?”

Everybody knows the paint application on our computers, right? The picture looked exactly that, the landing page of the paint application, specifically a white paper and there’s a written word in the middle saying: “We need a graphic designer.” No design involved, no beautiful graphics, the creator just wrote that statement and then saved it, and then used it as their advertisement.

That’s what the picture looked like. At first, I have no opinion for the picture, completely detached when she showed me that picture. But when she started describing what she reckoned about the picture. She told me, “Chelsea, this is a powerful message. Do you know why? Because they really showed that they do need a graphic designer. Look at their ads. It has no design. The creator created it in the most basic design application. And for this, it allows people to make them want to apply because it gives-off this vibe that they really need help and people want to apply there right away.”

I was in total shock with her way of thinking. Cause I didn’t even think of that in the first place!

This relates to what I’m saying that, collaboration fosters innovation. Other people might have a different point of view or thinking than you. You need other people’s point of view, too.

Ideas don’t come out fully formed – Mark Zuckerberg.


You have the ability to learn from each other.

Different people have different talents. Some are bad writers but better graphic designers. Some are good writers but terrible with communicating their thoughts out loud.

Collaborating with your co-workers gives you the privilege to observe their strengths. If your co-worker is good with design, you can learn from that person how he or she does it and apply it to yourself.

I’m not saying you should be a copycat. But for exploration’s sake, you can try out new things by this alone.

Let’s learn from each other from now on.


Proper delegation of work.

The art of collaboration doesn’t have to be: doing the work all the time. If you’re the leader of a group (any group), observation is a must have for you. A great leader knows how to observe superbly.

A leader must know how to delegate tasks properly. You must observe your subordinates. If employee A is great at leading people, then why would you give that employee work that’s related to writing?

By delegating better, you allow your employees to shine on the tasks that they do best together with collaborating with other employees to produce a great output. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. Execute this, entrepreneurs!

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