CollarFinder Management Consultancy Inc.

A business consultancy firm that caters to each of your business needs. Our services range from business registration and consultancy, manpower services – recruitment and executive search, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), HR consultancy, accounting services, and IT consulting globally.

The consultations we provide are not just based on the latest business techniques and strategies, but also from our first-hand experience as entrepreneurs.


The Epitome of Success

Our President & CEO Hernard C. Honcolada humble beginnings go way back when he was a recruitment consultant in 2010. After being successful in pairing companies with the right candidates, he envisioned building an executive search company that will not only aid companies in organizing the dream team but will also help job seekers find their way in the corporate world.

While the idea emerged in 2010, he only started personally training individuals for his company in 2013. The goal was to form a group of globally competitive consultants. By the end of that year, he developed his success formula, which his company later on adopted as their motto: RELATIONSHIP + TRANSPARENCY + SERVICE + HEART.

Thanks to his dedication and excellent leadership, he turned his company from a sole proprietorship into a bonafide corporation with lots of good partnership locally and internationally. He sees his company grow into new heights in the coming years.

Like what you see? You’ll like us more when you work with us!


What We Believe is Simple


CollarFinder will be a successful business solutions enterprise on an international scale.


It is our mission to provide all-in business solutions to both startups and thriving companies worldwide.


What We Always Have


We demonstrate Ethical Principles at work. We act with honor and truthfulness in everything that we do as we value relationships among our customers and our employees. We strive our best to do things right and take responsibility on our actions while putting our customer’s needs above our own. We do it with honesty and consistency based on the moral values that we have in business to gain trust and respect from the people we work with.


We pride ourselves with our value called: Relationship Building! We make sure that in every conversation that we have with our customers, we won’t make them feel like they’re talking to a company where the ultimate goal is to get their money out of their pockets. CollarFinder champions the aspect of making you feel like you’re just talking to your closest friend. We value everyone in our community! It’s truly important for us to build relationships


“Customer first!” before anything else, and our customers are the clients, and the job seekers. Our true boss are our customers, they’re the reason why we’re still in business. So, it is our duty to give them back a satisfying customer experience by making sure that they have a smooth, efficient and a professional transaction with us. CollarFinder would not exist without its customers so we make sure that in everything we do, the customer is satisfied at all times.​


Our customers deserve the best services so it is our responsibility to innovate to be able to provide and deliver quality services for them. Because if we don’t, we will to give the best experience to our customers! This is not how we deliver our services to our customers. We refuse to not be up to date with the latest tools, techniques, services, approach, to name a few. It’s not CollarFinder if it doesn’t apply innovation in whatever process!​